“Babe” Was Already Pretty Short

Listen, for those of you who have the luxury of not being hip and knowing the proper and annoying slang uses today, “Bae” is a new way of saying “babe”, girlfriend/boyfriend/crush/stupid.

It comes from a Pharrell song featuring Miley Cyrus, and now it’s all over the internet like “I love when my bae texts me back.” Or “My bae is cuter than yours.”

I personally cannot stand the term. I just think of this:

“Bae” actually means poop in Danish.
On Urban Dictionary, it means:
“Word used by ghetto people to address their significant other because they have found themselves too lazy to pronounce the entire word “babe”.
“the worst excuse for a word. it does NOT mean before anyone else. it just means “i’m trying to be cool and failing at it so i’m gonna use a word of ethnic origin”.
I can’t wait for this term to slowly die because a Regina George decides to voice her opinion and remind everyone that it’s ridiculous.
So, everyone, please take note that when you use the term “bae”, it makes a percentage of us throw up in our mouths a little bit. And your intelligence dropped significantly

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