The Friends Reunion

Jimmy Kimmel aired his version of the Friends Reunion this week, including Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow by acting out Jimmy’s scene while he played Ross. Now, if you haven’t noticed, Jennifer seems completely agitated and annoyed by the whole thing. She throws the Rachel wig out of the scene, continuously tells Jimmy this whole thing is “so stupid”, and says she has no desire to do it. 

Of course, Jimmy Kimmel has a script he has written out for her, and surprise! Courtney and Lisa show up halfway through to play along. Here are some of the comments from the skit:

“Jennifer’s on her period.”
“You people really don’t know she’s acting??”
“I know Jennifer was acting as if she wasn’t really into this but in my opinion, even before this, whenever someone brought up her days in Friends she would just kind of shrug it off.”
“Are you people really THAT DUMB? Jenn was not moody or whatever! She was acting like it! It was really easy to tell it was all scripted!” 
(Well a script in their hands will do it…)

Regardless, Jimmy made a comment the following night that Jennifer was asked to “act” annoyed and frustrated at the whole thing. He claims that was the point. 

I’m sorry, but are we in middle school? Why did she have to act that way? I’m pretty sure majority of America would have loved if she was enthusiastic and funny throughout the whole ridiculous skit. That would have made it much more enjoyable to watch. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was actually mad and that was just Jimmy saving his own skin for a horrible skit. 

But honestly, when comments spill out saying “It was obviously scripted…” it makes me cringe. First of all, they have a script right in front of them, so yeah, it was obviously scripted. But there was no reason for Jennifer to either be told to act crappy, or act crappy on her own. It just made for a very stinky video. 

As far as the crappy attitude, Exhibit A:


I don’t blame Jenn. She’s grown out of her “Friends” years and is on to bigger and better things as she deserves. Just like when Miley Cyrus started to dance on poles and dress in something other than turtlenecks and sweaters and everyone started to judge her. Guess what? She’s not Hannah Montana anymore, and Jenn is not Rachel Green anymore. She doesn’t need to be reminded daily of her sitcom days. However, she does need to show a little bit more appreciation of what got her here today. 

Personally, I believe the “acting” annoyed and agitated was way more than just acting. I think Jimmy Kimmel is the type of comedian that likes to keep things light-hearted and fresh, which this video was anything but. It made a large percentage of us cringe and feel extremely uncomfortable. However, there is a good chance they asked Jenn to act mad, but I just can’t see the benefits of that. Either way, I hope a Friends reunion never happens again for this reason. I like it way too much for it to be ruined with bad attitudes and Botox. 


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