Why Yes, There is a Difference

A question we get asked a lot out here in California is, “Is it different?” This question is typical and an understandable one to ask. I just brush it over and lightly put in my two cents without going into full detail, but I’d like to do that here. One girl told Sam that she heard Boston and LA were a lot alike. I nearly pooped myself with laughter. Here are some of the major differences I’ve experienced.

“Avoid the 405 during rush hour at all costs.”

Angry Annoyed animated GIF

California people.

Annoyed Emma Stone animated GIF

New Hampshire people.

Anyone who says this to you clearly has never driven in Boston or New York City traffic, at least not regularly. Those who have know it never moves or budges for at least twenty minutes until you get excited over shifting an inch forward. I will admit the 405 is terrifying at times because you’ve got little Justin Bieber’s all over the place who own the road, but it is constantly moving. This whole “405 traffic doesn’t move” is a myth. I’ve just discovered Californians don’t like driving.

No matter where you go, everyone does everything for you.

Ariana Grande Australia animated GIF

California people.

Annoyed Education animated GIF

New Hampshire people.

The customer service here in California tends to treat everyone like a celebrity. Panera has become a daily ritual for me and I was completely thrown off when I realized I wasn’t getting a buzzer in order for me to go get my own food. They served it right to my table. And then I went to clean off my dishes, and they looked at me like I had eight heads. This is how we do it in New Hampshire. You do everything your damn self. It’s kind of nice sometimes, but other times, I’d just like to park my own car when I go out to eat and not have to tip someone to do it for me.

They sometimes complain about the humidity.

Heat Hot animated GIF

California people.

Emma Watson Laugh animated GIF

New Hampshire people.

‘Tis the season for uncomfortably hot weather right now, so yes, I’ve been melting in my apartment. But earlier in the summer we encountered a number of people who commented on the weather, and then complained about the humidity. The humidity here in SoCal is usually around 10-15%, while in New Hampshire, you can see it as high as 90%. You might as well suck the oxygen out of all of New England. So while these California natives die in the heat, I soak it up as much as I can.

I have to remember to ask for a bag in grocery stores.

Errand Halloween animated GIF

California people.

Andy Dwyer Chris Pratt animated GIF

New Hampshire people.

I have yet to buy totes to bring to the store. As soon as all my crap is on the conveyer belt, I realize nobody is at the other end to bag. I then have to ask for one, and then they charge me 10 cents for a paper bag to which they professionally shove everything in making it hard to carry. I used to save my plastic bags for various reasons, and I miss them a lot.

New Hampshire is a forgotten state.

Confused Pretty Little Liars animated GIF

California people.

Emma Stone Sigh animated GIF

New Hampshire people.

You never hear someone say, “Where is California?” That’s just nonsense. Everyone knows where it is because it’s nearly everyones dream vacation. I just have to accept the fact that nobody knows where New Hampshire is. Let’s just say Vermont and Maine are the chocolate cakes while New Hampshire is the cream filling, the best part (I’m referencing a Whoopie Pie if you hadn’t noticed).

There is no specific sports team.

California people.

New Hampshire people.

It’s Football Sunday, you walk into a bar, and you see a Steelers fan, Lions fan, Bills fan, Patriots fan, Dolphins fan, Chiefs fan, and many, many more. And every TV has a different game on per request. You walk into a New Hampshire bar, there is only one team on, and it’s on every single TV big or small. The reason why? Because majority of the people who live in SoCal, are not actually from SoCal. They know what true diversity means.

Parking is a chore.

Cat Driving animated GIF

California people.

Commercial Driving animated GIF

New Hampshire people.

Seriously, where did all of these people come from? It could be 3pm on a Tuesday, and I will have to park a mile away just to run into Target.

When your GPS tells you it will take 25 minutes to drive 7 miles.

Breaking Bad Correct animated GIF

California people.

Shocked Surprised animated GIF

New Hampshire people.

It should never, ever take you 25 minutes to drive 7 miles. But now driving to the grocery store or the gas station is an hour long adventure.

I hope I didn’t scare any of you future movers if you have planned to make your way out here! These are not complaints, they are just observations since considering, well, New Hampshire is vastly different from California in 101 ways and more. These are things I’m still getting used to.


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