I Have the power

There’s an incident that’s been happening for a few months now, and it’s an entertaining incident indeed. I’m not the type of person to follow somebody on Twitter or Instagram just so I can get a follow back. But there is a social media language that says, “I rub your back, you rub mine” in that if you follow some random kid in Nebraska, you’d hope he follows you back, along with his friends and so forth. So I’m used to gaining ten followers a week on Twitter just to lose them within a few days because I didn’t follow them back. It’s as if I punched a random stranger in the groin for no good reason and laughed. Plus, those kids that take selfies and then say, “Follow spree!” Why would I want to follow you just to see your 500 selfies?
Anyways, back to the incident. There’s one guy in particular who has been following me on Instagram, only I’ve been getting the notification that he’s following me at least 6 times in a matter of months. Which means he’s following, then unfollowing, then following, and then unfollowing, and the boring circle continues. What he doesn’t realize is that I’m actually intelligent and I know what he’s doing. He knows I’m going get that little orange notification basically telling me he likes my photos, forcing me to click on his name in hopes that I will follow back. Only I recognize his name now, and I have power in this situation.
I’m quite flattered that he’s continuously following me, but how many other Instagrammers is he doing this to? I know I can’t be the only one he’s pressing his potentially greasy hands through my photos. It sounds like a bad soap opera relationship where you find out you were nothing special and just another bimbo on the list. Or in the movie Her when Joaquin Phoenix realizes his computer is having a relationship with like 8,000 other people. Only I’m not caving on this. I find it too easy to give him what he wants…a follow back. After the first three times that this happened, I thought it was really creepy. Like I should be holding pepper spray walking two feet from my car to my front door, or closing the blinds when it gets a little dark (I do this anyway). But now I just find it funny. I have all the power right now. Once I follow him back, this will all come to an end. But I’m stubborn, and I won’t do it, mostly because I want to know how long this will last. It’s already been 3 months. I feel like Voldemort stringing Harry along for 7 books when he could have taken care of everything from the very beginning.

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