Rain, rain, never go away…

The Glendora group (our apartment complex) and myself set up the Halloween festivities outside last night for the trick-or-treaters and by the end of the night, all of our candy was gone. And we had about 5 large bowls full of candy. This is my first real handing-out-candy-to-trick-or-treaters event because I’ve always lived in areas where we never got trick-or-treaters.

But we clearly did it the adult way:

Sam and I were the amazing Squints and Wendy Peffercorn:

And Mumford was a Panda for a whole 30 seconds.

The night went smoothly enough until it started raining. It hasn’t rained in SoCal in over 3 months, so naturally everyone was like:

Meanwhile, Sam is all like:

I must make this clear, that this was Sam, not me. I’ve apparently turned into a California snob who gets cold in 50 degree weather and hates rain. It came on a lot faster than I anticipated.

For the first time since I moved out here, the weather has actually been unpredictable today. The clouds began looking ominous, like a black hole was about to swallow us up. And it drizzled on and off for most of the morning. Is it going to fill our dried up lakes? Certainly not. But most of us seemed to have enjoyed it while it lasted.

All of these gifs are from giphy.com


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