Daniel Radcliffe Raps!

Who would ever picture Daniel Radcliffe rapping the alphabet? I never imagined this scenario, but I’m so glad that life is full of surprises. And the best part is that he’s actually pretty good. This was my face as it was about to start:

  It’s like you’re about to watch the first few auditions for American Idol…

Here are some of the comments on the Harry Potter rapping stud muffin:

“The reason he’s losing his accent is because he’s imitating the original artist.”

“So fake….”

“Why give it that name though? I saw nothing ‘black’ about it.”

“This guy looks like Harry Potter.”

“This show is sexist and we women should sue them. These men having a conversation without us women. How sexist. Also, this video contains rape. Flagged.”

“He’s not even good.”

“Is it just me, or is every white kids favorite rapper Eminem?”

“At exactly 2:15 Daniel Radcliffe cleverly avoids the ‘N’ word.” 

I still feel really bad for Daniel Radcliffe because everyone refers to him as Harry Potter, and he will forever be referred to as HP until the day he dies. It was both a blessing and a curse to take on that role because no matter how many other unique roles he takes on, he will always be Harry Potter.

I’d like to put my two cents into this whole Eminem thing. Most white people love Eminem because he’s one of the first white guys to actually make it in the rap industry. Before the swagalicious Eminem, we had these guys:

Of course, we’ve had some successful ones, but Eminem is the only one who actually has “swag”. And I throw in Weird Al because he’s done a number of rap songs that are meant to be funny and strange. We can actually take Eminem seriously.

Many of the comments were on Daniel’s missing British accent when he rapped and they were all horrified that it disappeared. Have we forgotten that you don’t really hear Adele’s accent when she sings?

I don’t think it’s all that strange that his accent takes on a mind of his own when he sings. For most singers, you have an idea and vocal image in your head for the type of style and sound you want, and you practice that style to your taste, which means tweaking the accent a little if you desire. I could do my best and sing like Adele for a day while switching gears and mimicking Britney Spears the next day. It’s actually pretty easy to do.

I think it’s refreshing to have a British dude rapping because it’s something you never see. Take Iggy Azalea for example. She left her homeland of Australia to pursue her rapping career because she knew she would have never made it in Australia because it’s not a popular style of music. A lot of people give her crap because she sounds too “black” or “ATL style” and she’s from Australia. She most likely learned those styles on her own by observing because she would never come across it in her country.

The other remaining comments were about the “N” word being avoided from the original song. Daniel Radcliffe was smart enough to leave that out, but apparently others were upset that he avoided it. They feel he shouldn’t be “ashamed” to leave that out since it was originally written that way. But we all know Daniel Radcliffe would have been stoned to death for saying it so it really shouldn’t be an argument here. He’s trying to be respectful to others, especially on national television where they would have bleeped it out anyways so it shouldn’t matter. He made the right choice.


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