The Adult Christmas List

When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to make my Christmas list to Santa. I was too much of a chicken shit to sit on his lap at the mall, so I always wrote a letter and list and my mom “sent” it.

Now, as a twenty-three year old adult, I rarely get asked what I want for Christmas. And even if I do get asked, there are a million things in life that I NEED, not want.

Here are twelve things you know you want for Christmas in your twenties that start to make you feel old.

1. An Oil Change

Oil changes are a pain to get, and can be costly if you don’t go to the right place. So there is nothing better than getting a free oil change for Christmas.

2. An Eye Appointment

Jackpot! I would be so thrilled to get an eye exam for Christmas. Not many full time jobs include eye exams in their health benefits package, so spending that kind of dough on an eye doctor is oh so very painful. Believe it or not kids, but being able to see while driving is a lot more amazing than a video game.

3. Kitchenware

Instead of eating cereal from the box, and drinking coffee out of a beer mug, some classy kitchenware could go a long way. I get excited and even feel proud when I go out of my way and buy my own pan. That’s when I know I’ve really lost it.

4. a Vacuum

You’ve let your hair bundle up all over the carpet because you don’t have a vacuum, or the cheap one you bought at Walmart broke within the first day of buying it. But, there are always a million other things you need instead…

5. Quarters for laundry

If you’re in college or living in a apartment, it’s such a bitch trying to find quarters just to do laundry. You almost never have any, and when you reach that point when you run out of underwear, you’re desperate. I usually start hunting through the couch cushions, in my car, my purse, pockets, everywhere, and the best I can do is pull out 50 cents. A big jar of quarters would be a wonderful gift.

6. Furniture


Believe it or not guys, but I still don’t have proper pillows for my couches. I tried this Pinterest idea that went to hell very quickly. One of my many Pinterest fails. So please, a nice bed side table would make my holidays complete.

7. Money….and only to pay off your credit card

Any money I receive lately has gone straight to my credit card, gas, and any other bills that need to be paid. I can’t remember the last time I received money as a gift and actually bought something nice with it.

8. Restaurant Gift Cards

I cook a nice meal about twice a month. The other times are spent eating out and that extra glass of wine. Going out to eat should be guilt free.

9. Alcohol

This is a given.

10. Spa Day


I haven’t received a professional back massage in almost three years, and I pull a muscle even stretching my arms. A full day in a bathrobe, gunk on my face, and cucumbers on my eyes would be the perfect gift.

11. Snow Tires

I’ve never been one to care much about snow tires, but some people get them religiously every year. It probably would have been smart to get them considering the amount of times I slid around the road last winter.

12. To just be a kid for a whole day again

I would kill to have no more worries about work, bills, appointments, and household needs in order to function. If I was a kid for a whole day, I would eat candy and burgers, play on the playground, and color. And watch re-runs of Rugrats.


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