We Verbally Abuse Our Cat

From the moment we welcomed our cat, Mumford, into our home, he’s been a hazard. Between breaking his leg, an infestation with fleas, busting out of our bedroom window and having a “Baby’s Day Out” experience, and traveling across the country in our tiny car, we’ve loved him every step of the way.

When we tried to come up with a name, we didn’t want anything random and outrageous. His original name was Sphinx, but that’s just too typical and…original. Sam and I have a love for the band Mumford and Sons, which of course everyone says, “His name is Mumford? Does he have any sons?” HAHAHAHAH…no, we snipped his baby maker.

For some reason, it seemed like the perfect name for him. We didn’t think it would be so damn easy to come up with some nicknames, but apparently it is. Not only does he respond to Mumford, but he responds to almost every nickname we throw at him. And some of them are not-so-nice. But he kinda deserves it.

I have to point out, we are not creepy people who dress their cat. This was to keep him from licking his bandage when he broke his leg.

Sam doesn’t do this, but I always sing songs to Mumford using his nicknames, like “Mumps in my lumps is a pile of clumps.” It makes sense in my head. Mumford’s name fits his personality perfectly. I could see him having Stewie’s voice, always wearing a bow tie with British mannerisms. He’s very OCD too – constantly cleaning himself after every meal and going to the bathroom. And I’m talking like a full 30 minute grooming each time. He always smells so nice, and that’s not my doing.

Share what nicknames you’ve given your pets!


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