6 Years of Christmas

The past six Christmas’ have been all over the place. My family and I used to have traditions, but with everyone scattering to different parts of the country, deaths, divorces, births, etc. things have not been “traditional”.

Growing up, I wrote my letter to Santa on Christmas Eve, and left a plate of cookies and carrots for the reindeer. Santa always replied back answering all of my daunting questions like: How do you give all of those presents to everybody in one night? Doesn’t Rudolph get tired from leading the way? What does Mrs. Claus do when you’re gone?

“Santa” snuck into my room every Christmas and placed my stocking at the end of my bed. I would wake up very early and take a peek at what was inside. My sisters and I got up early, and found all of the new gifts from Santa while my mother made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. My sister Jaie needed to watch the re-runs of A Christmas Story all day which I’m sure drove my mother nuts after the third showing.

In this post, I decided to put together some favorite photos of the past 6 Christmas’ that have been out of the family norms.


My framed Edward Cullen picture my Mom gave me. This was also the first time I got drunk with the family.


That time I was nearly attacked by an Ostrich in Texas.


Christmas in New Orleans with my Mom and Dad.


I don’t think this Christmas existed. I had just returned home from my semester in London and it was all a haze.

But here’s a pic of Oxford Circus in London during Christmas.


That Christmas I spent with my sister in Tampa. Sam is here holding newborn Baby Ivo at just 6 months!


Ivo and my niece Audrey opening presents.
Rockefeller Center

This year, I’m spending Christmas with Sam and his family for the first time, and seeing my grandparents during Christmas for the first time in like, fifteen years since they were always in Florida. Next year, who knows. Maybe Sam and I will start our own traditions by staying home in California with our own tree and Christmas breakfast.

Happy Holidays Everyone!


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