Just Like The Good Old Days – Swell Christmas, And Please Read Mason’s Road

I hope your Christmas was as fab as mine! We spent the morning at Sam’s house, burying his dog Toby under all of the wrapping paper. Then we geared up for my grandparents house with my aunt and uncle.

This is my grandparents new welcome mat 🙂

It’s very fitting.

Naturally, after stuffing our faces with Mexican food in California, we come home to his mother making breakfast burritos, and my aunt and Nana making tacos for dinner.

But as usual, it was complete chaos at my grandparents with everyone yelling over each other, opening gifts at the same time, and pouring more and more wine into our glasses.

Sounds about right.

Now it’s time for some New Years Eve festivities. I decided to bling up and pour glitter all over my blog to prepare for the New Year. I’ll be spending my evening at school with my school-mates and professors and forming a dance party in the chapel just like last year. I barely remember what I did for New Years before graduate school, but 2012 consisted of yelling “fuck the Mayans” because you know, we were supposed to all die that year.

But, the most important topic in this post of all – Mason’s Road is finally up and running with Issue 10! I worked as one of the Nonfiction Editors for Mason’s Road, an online literary journal, and now the Editor-in-Chief torch has been passed down to me. This issue is fabulous, and focuses around the theme of Memory. We have some wonderful short stories, poems, essays, and interviews with well-established authors such as Dinty Moore, Paula Cappa, Jennie Webb, Robin Black, and William Patrick. I highly suggest you check out the journal! And if you’re interested in submitting, we will be accepting new pieces sometime in February, which I will keep you updated on.

Enjoy your gifts, gadgets, toys, and most of all, family and friends!


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