I’d Like To Thank Robert Frost And White Zinfandel For A True Spiritual Awakening


My boo.


Raise your hand if you have plenty to write about but you’re at a stump and you can’t seem to write from point A to B? ME TOO. There have been plenty of moments in my life that I have rewritten a hundred times, and I know there are other stories to tell but my brain just didn’t want to go there. It’s unbelievably frustrating because it’s nobody’s fault but your own, and only you can fix it.

I’m all about the writing prompts and exercises in order to spill out new material rather than reworking the same essay over and over again. Sometimes you just need to tuck that bad boy away for a few days and focus on something else. But, I was at a loss of what kind of prompt to write. So I decided to read a Robert Frost poem. And I’m convinced Robert Frost is some kind of wizard.

I read “The Road Less Traveled” and my mind shifted to a particular memory I had at my last Nevers Family Reunion. I read the poem a few times and it makes sense why I remembered that moment, and I began writing excessively. I got so excited, I nearly drank an entire bottle of pink wine, which made me write even more. I wrote an entire personal essay in one evening, and that has never happened before. This was probably one of the most successful writing evenings of my life.

Is it a good essay? Probably not. But it’s better than no writing at all.


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