Trivia Crack Compiled By Pure Geniuses

So Sam and I are ridiculously good at trivia. We almost always win when we play. In fact, the first time our group of friends won trivia night at a New Hampshire Mexican Cantina was when Sam and I showed up. So there you have it. When I found out there was an app that challenged me with intellectual questions in order to beat Sam to the ground, I was all for it.

Except I found out that Trivia Crack is a complete joke…an addicting joke though.


It’s more like Trivia For Dummies.


Some questions are actually challenging, especially in the science department for me. But some of the questions leave me asking, “How the hell did that question get approved?”

Some examples:

Where do you play baseball? (Sports Category)

A. Stadium Field
B. Tennis Court
C. Basketball Court
D. Playground

Which of the following is not a nationally competed sport? (Sports Category)

A. Croquet
B. Hockey
C. Football
D. Baseball


What does the word carne mean in Spanish? (Art Category???)

A. Meat
B. Eat
C. Carnivore
D. Steak
What body of water hugs Massachusetts? (Geography Category)

A. Pacific Ocean
B. Atlantic Ocean
C. Indian Ocean
D. Arctic Ocean

What is in a pencil? (Art Category)

A. Led
B. Ink
C. Metal
D. Paint


Yes, I won!

Which of these is not a borough in New York City? (Geography Category)

A. Staten Island
B. Rhode Island
C. The Bronx
D. Queens

Abraham Lincoln was president of which country? (History Category)

A. United States
B. Russia
C. United Kingdom
D. The Netherlands

Where is Spain? (Geography Category)

A. North America
B. South America
C. Europe
D. Asia

As you can see, anyone can win this stupid game. But it’s so addicting. Because some of the questions are just painfully dumb, and of course you got the answer correct, you start to get cocky, thinking you are just the smartest human being to walk the Earth.

Example…say you guess Spain is in Europe, and wow you are correct! You feel like dancing even though you knew you would be right. And then the next question pops up asking you to remember what number Titanium is on the periodic table? And guess what? You have no effing clue and you get it wrong. Then you slowly feel like melting poo in a pot because you actually got a question wrong. It’s a disgusting cycle, but one that is exciting and addicting all at the same time. I imagine it’s a lot like how cocaine feels.

Unfortunately, too many youngsters are coming up with these questions, hence why any Olympic question doesn’t date back further than 2008, and it’s always about Michael Phelps. Or asking what country Paris is located in. Or what NFL team Tom Brady plays for. Or the amount of George W. Bush questions there are. Or what continent could you find Australia in. I refuse to believe that grown adults are making up these questions. It would be too much to handle, I think.


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