I Did A Very Weird Thing

I have a strange love-hate relationship with my hair. For example, I LOVE LOVE LOVE long hair. Especially really thick long hair.

I daydream that someday my hair will do this:


The only problem is, my hair has become freakishly thin that I’m not convinced it’s my actual hair, and two, it’s incredibly dry. As far as that goes, my hair can’t seem to make up it’s mind. If I don’t wash my hair everyday, it becomes really oily that it looks wet. If I wash it everyday, it becomes flaky, and feels like straw.

I used to have insanely thick hair, and then age happened. I wish I had appreciated it back then because of course, when I was a teenager, I was jealous of the girls who had thin hair. I TAKE IT BACK. So I’ve decided to do something about it.

Since I want to keep my long hair and to continue growing it out, I need to learn how to maintain it as it has a mind of its own.

I’ve done what most people only talk about and don’t have the actual guts to do (AKA me). I used a home remedy mask to take care of this mess on my head.

Here are the ingredients:

1 Egg
1 Avocado
3 TBS of Olive Oil
1 TBS Honey

You mix all of these ingredients together until it’s smooth. You start from the bottom and work your way to your scalp, massaging your head and the ends of your hair until it’s completely covered in avocado goo. I used a plastic hair net to hold it in and I left it for close to 40 minutes. I don’t think it actually matters how long you leave it in for (I’ve seen 15, and I’ve seen 2 hours, it’s entirely up to you).

This is before:



I could stab somebody with my hair

This is after:

20150128_212643 20150128_212739

My aunt always told me to use mayonnaise, and I’ve heard of washing your hair with eggs before, and I was always like “Yeah, okay, I’ll do that sometime…” and I just never did. The concept seemed so weird to me. But now I’m glad I did! I must note, I will never put mayonnaise in my hair…I can barely stomach the sight and smell of it let alone put it on my head. But I will gladly use this remedy at least once a week. I’m already loving the results.

I highly suggest doing this. It’s cheap and easy, like a two dollar hooker.


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