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You Can Call Me ‘Messy Jessie’

I strongly dislike those days when you have the ability and desire to go out shopping on a weekend afternoon, and nothing goes right, or according to plan. I had that kind of day yesterday.

I’ve been thinking about re-doing my desk area. It’s very boring looking. I have a small, diarrhea brown desk that I’d like to paint, one framed picture that I bought in St. Louis, and I didn’t have a lamp, or any organizational space to use. My desk is always cluttered with papers that takes me a few months to clean away because I’m too lazy to consistently do it every week. Plus, I’m always in a hurry for some reason. Which explains why my clothes are thrown all over the place, and my books are piled high on my desk because I’m too busy doing God knows what to put them away properly.

Fxx The Americans animated GIF

Sam’s reaction to my everyday mess.

I get into those Pinterest crazed moments where I pin everything under the sun, and I found some ideas for my desk, but that means actually doing it. I asked Sam if he was willing to paint my desk and he got all excited about it.

Girls Girls Hbo animated GIF

This is us excited about our soon-to-be project.

This means needing to become crafty and putting off other far more important things on hold in order to get this done, and I’m just not willing to do that yet. So Friday, I broke the news to Sam that he may need to wait to paint my desk. He got all puppy dog eyed and upset because that meant his day was wide open on a Saturday…what a weirdo I know.

He convinced me on Sunday morning to go out and find some things to use for my desk, and hesitant about it, I agreed.

Number one rule for random shopping endeavors, especially when you’re looking for things in particular, ALWAYS KNOW WHERE TO FIND THESE THINGS. There is nothing worse than driving all over hell and back, walking from store to store, only to never find what it is you are looking for. Plus, my GPS on my phone went bezerk and re-routed me every 3 seconds that I’m pretty sure I circled the same area at least three times.

I also was wearing a fairly new dress that I made a big mistake putting it in the washer because now it has shrunk. This dress is so new, I’ve only worn it twice before I washed it. I have yet to accept the fact that it no longer fits, and I straighten my arms down on my side and say, “Well you know, in high school, there was that arm length rule. If the skirt was at your finger tips, it was long enough to wear. This dress does that right? RIGHT?” Yeah, sure, it’s long enough if I don’t lift my arms or move my neck. In fact, I stopped at the grocery store and picked up a candle from a shelf I could barely reach, and I’m sure I flashed a good amount of people as they walked by, and then I dropped the candle and it shattered all over the marble floor. Second rule, always make sure you are wearing comfortable, flexible clothing on these random shopping adventures.

Third rule, make sure you are hydrated. At each stop light, I was fishing through my car looking for a warm bottle of water that had sat in the flaming sun and wanted to splash it all around my face.

Fourth rule, go to the bathroom FIRST before shopping. I don’t know what my deal is but the second I walk into a store, I need to go pee. I’m those people in the commercials with the bad bladder problem – one woman actually is dragged by her bladder everywhere she goes. THAT’S ME. I should probably figure that out, but in the meantime, I live with it.

It was a long day of failures. But, on the bright side, I got an owl lamp that looks fabulous on my desk. It’s a work in progress.


2 thoughts on “You Can Call Me ‘Messy Jessie’

  1. I was glad to read your “need to pee” in stores comment. I’m the same way. I’m so glad it’s not just me. It drives my husband and son crazy. Maybe we have some kind of weird Pavlovian response going on. Also, I usually need to pee when we go to restaurants. Or museums. Or tourist attractions. I may have some kind of diagnosed medical condition now that I think of it. Dammit. Anyway, we should totally go shopping together because every time one of us needed to pee the other person wouldn’t get mad and would actually be like, “I need to go too!”.


    • Haha absolutely! It’s so bad for me. I could be totally fine driving home from work and the second I see my apartment building it’s like I might burst. Same when running errands at Rite Aid – as soon as I’m in the groove to get in and get out, I need to pee uncontrollably. I don’t understand it.


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