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We Didn’t Run into Dragon and Nighthawk

Nighthawk and Dragon

Nighthawk and Dragon

Sam and I made up and spent our Valentine’s Day in Catalina, and it was our very first visit. I never thought I would love a place so much in my life. You know at the end of Stepbrothers and amazing things happen? Like Will Ferrell singing? And he makes up with this dick head brother? And everyone gets all goofy happy? I get it now…it’s all because they were in Catalina. There were many aspects to this weekend that were life changing.

1. I have a new nickname – Vivian Jess

According to Sam, I act like a little pre-Madonna sometimes. Like when I complain that I’m cold on the boat, or I have a headache, or it’s hot, or I don’t like my seat on the boat heading to Catalina. He reminds me that I’m acting like Vivian Kensington.



I then shut my trap and suck up whatever is bothering me.

2. Mumford has a soft side:

I'm a little insulted that he only thinks of me as Peasant #2 and not #1.

I’m a little insulted that he only thinks of me as Peasant #2 and not #1.

Sam sent Mumford to the store to buy me a V-Day card and he signed it and everything. That gosh darn cat.

3. I now know that we need to visit Catalina as much as we possibly can.

My melancholy photo.

My melancholy photo.

4. My hatred for clowns is still evident


The first thing we did when we got to the island was obviously grab a drink…preferably a Strawberry Daiquiri.

Worth every penny.

Worth every penny.

There was an ice cream place next door and all you could smell was the cream. My nose just drifted to the ice cream shop every time we walked along the street and it was agonizing.

We stayed in the St. Lauren Victorian Hotel that made me think of Ghost Adventures and how they should come here. It was very old and ghost-like but unfortunately I saw and heard nothing out of the ordinary. The sixth floor was a balcony with this view:

This was the moment when I discovered that I never want to leave.

This was the moment when I discovered that I never want to leave.

How did we spend our Valentine’s Day evening you ask? Well, well, well…we went to the arcade.

After a few shots of Fireball and few bottles of beer, we drunkenly played arcade games. This was also the moment when I realized/remembered that I’m horrible at arcade games.

Fail #1

Fail #1

Fail #2

Fail #2

But, together, we brought in a lot of tickets in about 20 minutes. We ran around the arcade room jumping from game to game like we were 10 again. We pooled our tickets together and got two styrofoam airplanes, two War Heads, a plastic boomerang thing that doesn’t work, and two tattoos.

This is my War Head face:

I forgot how painful they were.

I forgot how painful they are.

We for some reason thought it was a good idea to put the tattoos on our foreheads…


That is until we woke up this morning and Sam had trouble rubbing Iron Man off his face. Sam built the styrofoam airplanes and we threw them from our hotel room balcony. I tried to throw one and Sam told me not to throw it too hard, so I put no effort into at all. It didn’t go anywhere, but just plopped straight down on top of the golf cart.

I woke up this morning rolling over in pain because I was so hungover. I have to remember that I’m no longer in college and my body doesn’t react well to excessive alcohol, unfortunately.

Some more beauty pics for you:

Catalina7 Catalina8

20150215_114726 20150214_133211 20150214_123215 20150214_123044 20150214_122836 20150214_122700 20150214_122323

Hands down, best Valentine’s Day ever. And probably one of the best nights ever with Sam.



10 thoughts on “We Didn’t Run into Dragon and Nighthawk

  1. Nana says:

    Ahhhh, you deserved every minute of your trip to paradise. Tell Sam (I am) to treat you right, or we’ll get him when gets back here! Love your story and Looove you!
    Nana and Gramp.


  2. Ugh, effin clowns. Is there anyone in the world that actually likes those horrible creatures? I too would have needed a giant-sized daquiri to get that image out of my mind. However, you’re so young you look like a child taking a sip on a big strawberry smoothie. It’s adorable.


    • I completely agree. There were far too many clowns in that restaurant. It probably won’t surprise you when I tell you that I still get carded for R-rated movies at the theater. I remember when I was graduating from my undergrad and an old couple thought I was talking about my high school graduation. I find it funny most of the time haha


  3. What a delightful post! HA! I love the movie Step Brothers. Now you made me want to watch it again. And someday I’m going to have to go to Catalina Island! I can certainly see why you never wanted to leave!


    • I figured Lolo did a number on him and I cut him some slack. However, he does know that for payback for those brutal 24 hours, if Conan O’Brien rings me up, I’m gone. And I think he’d be okay with that.


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