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True story.

True story.

When you start to work in an office environment, little things out of the ordinary that happen during the day is the most exciting. I mean little little, but we still naturally freak out and run around in a sugar craze because it took our minds off of our computer screens for a whole thirty seconds. I’ll give you some examples…

The first office I ever worked in, the tech guy showed up to install a new computer and monitor in the cubicle in front of me for god-knows-who. We had a very small office, approximately twenty of us, so I really didn’t know who would be owning this new computer. It looked like it was straight out of 1997 with the thick rims and clunky back and I thought, Oh how nice, they bought this person a pre-historic used computer. Anyways, my manager began freaking out, pacing up and down the hallway, texting and calling whoever all over this stupid computer. And the tech guy was perfectly capable of setting it up himself, so I had no idea why my manager was huffing and puffing around for two hours. It was just something to do outside of whatever they were supposed to be doing.

I can also understand why so many people gain weight once they graduate from college and start working in an office. It’s not because you just sit on your butt all day punching in numbers and responding to emails. It’s the food! Three hours into your work day you’re already thinking about lunch, and how much you are craving a milkshake. You treat yourself and get something totally unhealthy yet fantastic, and it’s fast, and then you plop a seat in front of your computer once again and continue working. It doesn’t matter how much you work out, it’s nearly impossible to lose the weight, and I blame offices. No one wants to work for hours and then say, “I could really go for a salad right now.” That’s not realistic because then an hour later you are hungry again and you find cupcakes that an employee brought in as a gift. Another distraction that we go crazy for and we flock like seagulls over to the kitchen.

Last Thursday, we had an unusual distraction. A kitten got stuck on the outside window sill of Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The poor little guy was pacing around the window sill in the heat and panting because he was thirsty. We actually called the fire department, and I thought that was just something you saw in movies like Pleasantville.

No one could seem to figure out how the cat got on that window sill. It was up really high that even a guy with a ladder and net could barely reach him, and it was in such a crammed space that it seemed impossible the cat didn’t fall to the ground even just attempting to get on the window sill.

Everyone shopping that day began swarming around the entrance to Bed, Bath, and Beyond to try and catch the cat in case he were to fall. The fire department never showed up because to be honest, this is Southern California and they have more important things to do between the house fires, car accidents, car chases, and burglaries. Shit’s always going down in California no matter how nice of an area you live in. It’s so normal for weird things to happen that I actually spent my lunch break reading outside and heard a car accident happen at the stop lights. I barely looked up from my book. When a car accident happens in New Hampshire, everyone crowds around for the entire thing because it’s the most interesting and exciting thing to happen in months.

A group of women leaving their yoga class first saw the cat. They naturally began freaking out and yelling at the man risking his life on the ladder with the net because he couldn’t reach the damn cat. I really wanted to take a picture for all of you, but one woman who seemed like a die hard animal rights activists was pacing around like it was her child up there, screaming, yelling, and crying and in such frustration I figured she would probably punch me in the face for trying to take one.


Miraculously, the cat kind of just fell into the net the guy on the ladder was holding and he was okay. I thought about taking him home but figured Sam would kill me. Another girl claimed him within seconds anyway.

Life lesson I learned that day…cats can get into just about anything.


2 thoughts on “Pleasantville

  1. I had a cat that ran away for like three months and we thought it was long gone and then one day it just showed up in our back yard. It looked way worse, but ended up living for like 14 more years. I’m pretty sure it used like 8 of its lives in those three months.


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