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A Letter To My Childhood Sleepovers

Hey, how’s it going?

It’s been a little too long if you ask me. I haven’t seen you in years. You were one of my favorite activities, and I hope to experience you again some time. You were around for nearly every birthday party I had growing up, and each year was a challenge. Us girls always had a contest as to who could stay up the longest, and I barely made it every time. I think we all eventually passed out by 4am. My mother woke us up with breakfast and we groggily rose from our slumber as if we had been drinking all night. Only it wasn’t alcohol, it was candy, and popcorn, and milkshakes. Those were the days when we didn’t gain a pound from eating all that crap. Let’s not forget about my mother’s cake she made us every year too – strawberry cake with strawberry frosting with strawberries on top. Still my fave.

I’m feeling a little melancholy about you because my birthday is coming up next month, and even though Sam has something really special planned, I know it is just another year of not having you around. Remember that time in middle school when we froze my friend’s bra? Or the first girl who fell asleep, we squeezed toothpaste on her finger and tickled her nose? You know what happened after that…


We also prank phone called boys, and did each others hair and makeup, and watched romantic comedies and gushed over how cute Shane West was.


I remember how excited I got when I knew you would be arriving. Just knowing that afternoon I’d get to spend time with you at my house, or a friends house, was like a drug. I won’t forget that I do have you every once in a while in grad school with my island wife Tierney. Those are always a good time, except for that time you allowed a spider to climb on my side of the room and we tore the place up and I slept in the middle of the room. That wasn’t cool man. But now those island nights are coming to an end, and I will no longer have those anymore.

Can you come back sometime soon?

Ever since this happened:


I’ve barely seen you around. I really miss you. I could really use some sleepover time – but replace the candy with wine and buffalo chicken dip and replace Shane West with Logan Lerman and Chris Pratt. We don’t need to stay up all night though – the mysteries of the night have been resolved for me over the years. It’s not all that special to me anymore like it was when I seven. It’s actually pretty boring, and lonely to be up all night while everyone else is asleep. So we can just skip that part.

So what do you say? Would you like to rekindle this friendship sometime soon? For old times sake? I hope your doing well in the land of giggly girls with braces and hot pink toenails.

All the best.


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