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Queen Mary


My family is pretty superb because for my birthday, they planned a ghost tour through the Queen Mary this past Saturday! Queen Mary is the signature ship located in Long Beach, and they say it’s haunted. They know me so well. I love any good ghost tour, or ghost TV shows like The Dead Files and Ghost Adventures. I’m neither a believer nor a skeptic. I’m open to all ideas when it comes to ghosts mostly because I love that feeling of being scared. Not like, “I’m about to get murdered” scared, but the idea that a person from the past could pull my hair or something really creeps me out, but in a good way!

My first thought in all of this was “Screw California.” We literally live 10 minutes from the Queen Mary. Our reservation/tour was to start at 7:00pm…so we left at 6:30 to make it on time. We didn’t get there til 7:10. Don’t ask me why or what happened! There are way too many people here in SoCal. Luckily, our reservation was called “Dining with the Spirits”, so we actually got a very nice dinner first before starting the tour.

We classed it up here at Sir Winston’s.


We had some delicious carb-filled dinner rolls with steak and mashed potatoes, and crème brulee! I unfortunately didn’t take any pics because I was too busy stuffing my face to care about anything else. I devoured two glasses of chardonnay just in case a ghost decided to tackle me in the boiler room, and I would be drunk enough to just laugh it off instead of peeing my pants. Seems logical.

After dinner, we explored the boat for a half hour before the tour. It is the spitting image of Titanic. Everywhere we turned we were like, “And that’s where Jack and Rose kissed. And this is where Rose tried to commit suicide. This is the hallway where everyone started sliding down when the ship was sinking!” It was a bit ridiculous. “Look at them boats! Not enough!” The other weird part is that the Queen Mary actually did have an accident at the front of the boat where it collided with another ship during World War II.

Our tour guide looked like Ed Helms:


The first story he shared with us was in one of the suites. A maid was moving from room to room when she smelled cigar smoke coming from one of the suites. She lightly knocked on the door, but nobody answered. She took her keys and opened the suite, finding a man sitting in the corner smoking on a cigar. She politely told him there was no smoking allowed on the ship, and he quietly got up from his chair and disappeared back into his portrait. The portrait was of Winston Churchill!


That suckers sneaks back in there every once in a while to smoke a big one. People just leave him alone now.

They also have a lady in white who follows a certain piano around the ship. They often find her prancing around it when there is no music playing.


They think if they dropped the piano at the bottom of the sea, the lady in white would probably follow it.

I feel like I’ve heard of numerous ghosts called “The Lady In White”. I could probably name like 5 episodes of Unsolved Mysteries that talk about a lady in white. You would think we would come up with something a little more original, but who am I to judge? How about naming her like, “Julianne Hough”, “Kevin Bacon”, or something?

We made our way to the propeller.


This was of course after the tour guide talked about accidents that have occurred on the ship where individuals fell off the boat, made their way down to the propeller, and I’m sure you know what happened after that….

We made our way to the pool room. This was exceptionally creepy because it’s just a dried up pool with a slide, and it’s all dark and gloomy. There is a little ghost girl named Jackie who roams the poolside. Sometimes, employees will find little wet foot prints circling around the pool area which is impossible since there is no water in the actual pool. Visitors like to leave gifts for Jackie, like candy and balloons. One time, our tour guide grabbed the balloons and placed them inside the storage room. As he continued speaking with the group, the balloon made it’s way to the center of the pool after he had brought it in the storage room. They messed around with it twice, and each time the balloon found it’s way to the other side of the room.

Fun fact, the last person to slide down the slide in the pool was Farrah Fawcett when filming Charlie’s Angels.

There’s also a ghost in the boiler room that pretty much runs laps around the area. Visitors have said that they will be doing a self-guided tour and hear running footsteps behind them. They move out of the way thinking it’s other guests, but then no one is behind them. I forget what they said his name was, so let’s call him Joe. He was 18 and was found basically cut in half from the steel doors closing in on him. They think it was just an accident. They’ve had psychics come in to talk to him, asking him why he still sticks around. He said he loves the fame he gets from the visitors, especially those who leave flowers.

A Scottish worker is known to haunt the engineering room and he doesn’t like people wandering around his workspace. He seems like a bit of a workaholic and a grumpster.

There were times we went down the very bottom of the ship, knowing we are about 35 feet under water which really freaked me out. I don’t think I would be able to handle a submarine or anything of that nature. I instantly feel claustrophobic and trapped. Luckily we weren’t down there too long and before we knew it, the tour was over. They have a late night paranormal investigation which I think would be really cool. It reminds me of that time Sam and I went to the Underground Vaults in Edinburgh, Scotland.

This is my, "I'm cool, I'm cool, I'm cool" face.

This is my, “I’m cool, I’m cool, I’m cool” face.

I would love to go back and do the paranormal investigation. If you ever find yourself in Long Beach, try out the Queen Mary!

Some more pics for you:






7 thoughts on “Queen Mary

  1. Nana says:

    Jessie, thank you! I really enjoyed your tale and somehow I find myself understanding your sense of humor. I wonder why, lol? We’re so glad you enjoyed all of your birthday days and nights, and know that you’ll have many more. Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha cool! I did the old Fremantle prison tour here in Australia. That was cool. They do it at midnight and they cheat a bit. Actors in prison uniforms run around in the shadows and a body drops from the top floor which made us all scream. Good fun 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    • That sounds absolutely terrifying! Anything that physically drops down in front of me, I’d be screaming so loudly that I would convince myself I would be the first one to go in a horror movie. No doubt.


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