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My New Experiment


I’ve always wanted to start some sort of blog trend, not that I think this will pick up anything on the big, massive web, but at least it’s a fun little trend for me personally, and hopefully, for writers everywhere.

I graduate in three short months from my program, and I have to prepare an hour long seminar as my graduate presentation. I’ve been thinking about this project for the past two years, toying with many different ideas until finally the one I’ve come up with stuck, and I’d like to practice this presentation through my blog.

Perhaps you don’t struggle with this as a writer, but I certainly do. I’m very scatterbrained. The moment I stepped onto Enders Island for my residency, the very successful Da Chen, asked, “So, what are you writing about? What is your story?” As a scared little 22 year old girl, I had no idea how to answer that question. I panicked. I was meeting fellow students who were halfway done with their novel, or completely done and working on the next one. I was just sitting there wondering how on earth I was going to start this thesis. Clueless as to what I was doing, I wrote and wrote until my fingers bled. Was the writing good? No. It was all over the place. I felt that when I opened one door, it brought me to seventy other doors, and eventually, I wasn’t focusing on anything. It felt like I was running 5 minute miles during a marathon. So, after reading book after book, I started an experiment with myself. Using concrete nouns!

I’ve found something that finally works for me. When I focus on one concrete noun, I find myself taking my time with scenes, characters, and development. I’ve found meaning behind every object that is close to me. So this is what my presentation will be all about. Taking an object and using it to heighten intensity and conflict. Movies do it all the time – for example, Inglorious Basterds. Each scene is ridiculously long, which I have come to appreciate. No movie makes milk more menacing than this movie.


I’ve recruited a handful of bloggers to help me with this project. Together, we are going to brainstorm both concrete and proper nouns, use a number generator to choose the noun, and all of us will write a blog post centering around that noun. It can be both fiction and nonfiction, whichever the blogger chooses. This is so the viewers can click through and see how each of us transformed this noun and made it our own. The idea is to get passed the “noun” and find out what it means to you by writing the first thoughts that come to mind.

Meet the bloggers!

Fits of Wit

Angst Anarchy

Ben’s Bitter Blog

White Girls Be Like…

Endearingly Wacko

We are still recruiting more bloggers! If you are interested in joining us in this ridiculously awesome noun party, please contact me! The more the better.

After we brainstormed some names for this blog party, Jamie from Fits of Wit came up with “Turn Noun For What?!” which instantly brings me back to Spring Break in Florida with the techno rap music blasting from all different directions. Then I think of neon colors. And then Thirsty Thursday in college. Which is why we are scheduling this blog post party for next Thursday, April 16th.

Stay tuned for the first ever noun party, April Edition. And if you want to join us, please contact me!


11 thoughts on “My New Experiment

    • Well Mark, I’m glad you asked. In my workshops, I’ve found my readers telling me that I’ve somehow turned my nouns into verbs, oddly enough. So in a way, we aren’t ignoring them 🙂 just making them funkier.


  1. Reblogged this on White Girls Be Like… and commented:
    (Or just people reading this. Not trying to exclude anyone here.)
    Read this post by the lovely and talented Jessie Reyna and come join the party!! Or just check out the awesomeness and tune in to watch her awesome writing experiment. It’s gonna be spectacular.
    Guaranteed or your money back.

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