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#FunnyBlogFriday – The Blogiversary


It’s another Funny Blog Friday with my fellow bloggers and it just so happens to be my 1st Blogiversary!



What better way to spend it than to be purposely funny on a glorious Friday?

Well first off, this blog has been through a lot. Her first year of life was a rough one and she should probably seek therapy multiple times a week for all the shit I put her through. It’s had like, a gazillion names! It’s like when you adopt a four year old cat named Sphinx and you’re like, “That’s a horrible name. You should be named Arthur instead.” So you start naming him Arthur and he gets all confused when you yell at him for kicking his kitty litter in the hallway because he’s like, “Who the hell is Arthur?” I can barely get my life together, let alone know what I want in a blog. I’m sure it’s kind of like what speed dating is like.

This blog was originally called The Corner Spot Blog because I couldn’t think of anything else clever enough that stuck. I blogged about my travels cross country and writing and stuff, and I was actually falling asleep writing my posts. I needed a change. I decided to just change it to my name because it’s easier that way, and then I moved to Blogger because it’s free and everyone loves free stuff. I started making various blogger friends but I got ZERO traffic on blogger. Mindy Kaling stole my title, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?”


I felt left out because everyone was on WordPress. It’s like when you show up to a party and everyone is already best friends with each other. And not in drunken way, but in a way that seemed like they had known each other for years and that’s just plain awkward. I casually crept into conversations, laughed hysterically as if I knew the inside joke the whole time, and then everyone walked away.

I’m being slightly dramatic, but long story short, Blogger wasn’t as fun. It wasn’t until February that I took a good long look in the mirror and said, “You’re fabulous! But only if you switch to WordPress.” So that’s what I did. The blog was still my name but just recently I said, “Hey, good things are happening now. I’m getting a couple of publications rolling in. I’d like to finish my book by the end of the year. Do I really want my only way of contact to be through my super cool blog where I swear a lot and talk about magical hair products, my inability to do math, and my fast-aging body? No.” So I changed the title of this blog to You’re Fine, which is a bit ironic since I’m suggesting that my blog have a few therapy sessions.

I can just picture her now, wearing that Reptar t-shirt and jeans, tapping her chipped fingernails together and nervously saying, “I just don’t know anymore. I feel like Jessie wants me to be someone that I’m not, and I just can’t live up to her standards. She makes it impossible! You should hear the horrible things she says to me sometimes when she’s angry. It’s borderline abuse.” I then made a more professional page for me so that I can separate my multiple personalities.

That’s the history of my blog and the first full year of it’s many existences.

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14 thoughts on “#FunnyBlogFriday – The Blogiversary

  1. Happy Blogiversary!!!

    I still remember when you would comment on my posts as Jessie R. “How did this girl from Blogger find me?” I thought. You had me listed under your fav blogs and I was first. You had my name sitting ON TOP of The Bloggess and that’s when I knew we could be soulmates (because stroking my ego instantly makes you my bff).

    I am also always changing my blog and sadly, I’m about to make the switch to WordPress.org. I (don’t think) I’ll even show up in the reader but I’m at a point where I’ve realized the benefits outweigh the potential loss of followers.

    I think it’s a good thing that we’re always changing the appearance of our blogs. It means we see the potential of becoming something even better. Always looking for ways to improve is the signature of a successful person.

    If I had a cupcake I would give it to you right now but alas, you’re on the other side of the country. So celebrate your Blogiversary with coffee. LOTS OF COFFEE.

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    • I was such a little thanggg back in the day. I knew absolutely nothing about blogging so I did a lot of research and one of the top rules was to socialize and make friends. It was very hard at first because there are a million blogs all about being a mom, which is totally fine and hilarious to read, but I just can’t relate to them. I had to really search and search for blogs of women and men who were around my age (not necessarily) and were writing about other things besides just being an adult and that’s how I found you! I was like, “FINALLY! I’LL NEVER LET GO JACK!” I can’t believe how many friends I’ve made through blogging which makes it even better. I see so many blogs that are hilarious and awesome but they don’t interact with their readers which is a bit of a turn off I think for some.
      I certainly think I’m happy with the way my blog has matured. They need to go through weird phases in order to find their true self.
      Also, I’m pretty sure you will still show up on the newsfeed. I have a friend who changed to WordPress.org and it took a while, but she eventually shows up now 🙂

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  2. Happy Anniversary! What is the traditional gift one gives for a one year blog anniversary? I guess it doesn’t matter because I didn’t get you anything. But you do have my undying love and support and that in itself is priceless! 🙂

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  3. Happy blogiversary! I tried Blogger too, but wasn’t much of a fan for various reasons. And then when I switched to WordPress, it took me a while to find my rhythm and figure out what to write about, as well. I haven’t changed the name, though – probably because I’m a sucker for a good pun. Hope you have a great weekend!

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    • You certainly need to test the waters to see what works best. It was hard for me to stick to a name because I’m so indecisive! If you asked me what my favorite author is, I wouldn’t be able to completely answer, which makes a little difficult when it comes to being consistent with a blog. Finding my groove has made me feel a lot better about blogging.


  4. Happy Blogiversary! Your blog sounds like a kid that’s been at three different schools in one year because they weren’t a “fit.” Your blog is hilarious, or maybe you’re hilarious. I don’t know. Both? Unlabelled chocolates for everybody!!! Or pizza…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I guess I’m just not a very good parent. I’m working on that! And Paul, I swear to God if you give me unlabeled chocolates, I will wreak havoc on your country. And Canada doesn’t deserve that kind of mayhem…Canada is pretty cool.
      And thank you! You all are such confidence boosters.

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