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So if they say Gingers don’t have a soul, where does that leave those who don’t like sappy love movies?

I recently figured out that there are some people in this world who have never seen The Notebook. To me, it’s equivalent to Titanic. EVERYONE has seen Titanic. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on a lot of movie quotes and jokes that have fluttered around you for the past twenty years…

Gross…it’s been almost twenty years since it came out. I remember seeing it in theaters. It was 2nd grade, when Leo DiCaprio rocked the mushroom cut and made it all sexy. When my mother told me what movie we were seeing, I thought it was about a boat that hits a giant burger in the Atlantic. Iceberg-Burger…same thing.

It was also the movie where 90% of the boys of my generation first saw a pair of boobs, thank you to Kate Winslut Winslet.

This is around the time I went boy crazy in elementary school and it was all Leo’s fault.

But The Notebook was the perfect date movie. It was the movie that all the girls made the guys watch just to see if they would magically turn into Ryan Gosling and build them a Southern house. It’s one thing if a guy hasn’t seen it but to come across a fellow female who didn’t binge watch it after a bad breakup with Half Baked Ben & Jerry’s?

On second thought, why do girls watch sappy love movies after break-ups? Shouldn’t we be watching movies about kickass girls who conquer the world? I mean, nearly every movie has some sort of love story in it, but I feel like The Hunger Games would be a good one. That Katniss Everdeen has no time for love. Why would we watch movies that remind us of the very thing we don’t have? 200

I say “we” only because I’m female and I’ve been guilty of doing this very thing. My first year of college was a rocky one.

Anyways, I remember the first time I saw The Notebook like it was yesterday. I was in eighth grade, and it came out on DVD. I thought, “Hey, I have a science project where I have no clue what I’m doing. What better way to make these next two hours bearable than to watch a love story?”

I’m pretty sure my project was making a model of cells? I literally took pipe cleaners and cotton balls and twisted them around and then tied some string to hang it up. The look on my teacher’s face when I handed it in class the next day:


At first, I thought the movie was really boring. Or I was just struggling with the damn cotton balls to be paying attention. It wasn’t until Allie is screaming about her undying love for Noah to her parents, and a little tear made my cotton ball expand (that sounds slightly sexual and I’m unsure why). After that, I watched the movie 127,000 times, and every person I knew with a vagina watched it. Nicholas Sparks gets to us man…he knows how to woo the ladies. The Notebook was my replacement from A Walk To Remember. Both movies make me blubber like a little baby.


If you haven’t seen The Notebook, let’s just recap the reasons why you need to see it.

1. Ryan Gosling


2. Ryan Gosling


3. These amazing jokes.


4. Ryan Gosling hanging from a Ferris Wheel so the chick would go out with him.


5. Old people being cute.


6. Ryan Gosling with his shirt off.


So this is a shout out to all of you who have never seen this movie. One of them including my sister and I gasped so hard I nearly choked.

Get on The Notebook train…and if you say, “THAT WAS SO PREDICTABLE!” We will no longer be friends.

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16 thoughts on “So if they say Gingers don’t have a soul, where does that leave those who don’t like sappy love movies?

  1. Shit Jessie, I guess this is where our friendsip ends because I’ve never seen “The Notebook”. Well, I’ve seen parts of it when it’s been on cable and I’ve been flipping through the channels. I’m sorry but Ryan Gosling just doesn’t make my cotton ball swell. He doesn’t float my boat. (See what I did here). OK, I’ll stop now…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jude/nana says:

    LOL, good one Jess! You and Paul are like like a stage act. You gave me the first laugh of the day. I loved both movies, but must admit, we usually see eye to eye on lots of stuff. Love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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