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A Glimpse into Nannies

An opportunity as arisen for me to be a nanny!

My neighbors don’t have much of an interest in spending college tuition on a daycare, and since I’m currently unemployed, Nanny Jess to the rescue!

I’ve watched babies before, but for no more than a few hours at a time. Usually during that window, they are most likely sleeping which doesn’t require me to do much. But watching a baby all day, every day is an entirely different story. First off, they are not used to you, and you are not used to them. You have to figure out what their cry means (i.e. dirty diaper, hungry, or tired), and when all else fails, let them cry it out, even if it sounds like their legs are being sawed off by a rusty chainsaw. They are by your side 100% from beginning to end. They are like your limb. And when they smile at you, it’s probably the cutest thing on the planet. And those body wraps are mind numbingly confusing:


I’ve been embracing this new life as a possible Nanny which got me thinking about all of the other awesome nannies of the world we’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

Mrs. Doubtfire


The dearly missed Robin Williams who used pie cream as a face mask, and caught his rubber boobs on fire while cooking dinner. Yet at the end of the day, he got the kids washed, chores done, no back talk, homework finished, and fresh dinner on the table, even if it was take-out.

You the man, Mrs. Doubtfire.

Mary Poppins

MARY POPPINS, Julie Andrews, 1964

She came in from the sky! She sat on clouds, powdered her nose, and said, “Ok, it’s play time!” Animals flocked to her like Cinderella, and she made up songs and dances. She made up one of the longest words in the English language. I may not have as big of a grand entrance as the great Mary Poppins, but I can at least attempt to sing and dance in order to get some giggles.

Molly Gunn


The flaky and frivulous Molly Gunn who takes on the controlling, OCD germaphobe Dakota Fanning. She forces her to get a little dirty, to eat that damn good hot dog, and to go on the tea cups ride on Coney Island. She’s the fun one who also doesn’t quite have her life together but then figures it out thanks to Dakota.

Shane Wolfe


Get Er’ Done.



She made every single child an outfit out of curtains. And they all matched. I need to take up sewing.

Jane Eyre


She’s quiet, reserved, sophisticated, and gets the job done. She’s into no funny business and no downtime. Her role is to constantly teach the child everything she needs to know in order to grow up a wonderful young lady. Talk about a huge responsibility compared to other nannies. Jane Eyre was practically raising the girl. Good thing she ended up with her boss, Mr. Rochester.

I have a lot of great nannies to guide me along the way.


11 thoughts on “A Glimpse into Nannies

  1. I was a nanny for five years, and it was a rewarding job. Just be prepared for parental jealousy. You’re going to witness “firsts”(first crawl, first word, first steps). Try to document everything for the parents. They’ll treat you like family if you do.

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