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Another Pretty Little Liars Discussion with Alanna

Back in June, Alanna from White Girls Be Like… and I discussed the unrealistic storyline of Pretty Little Liars. As we prepared for the summer premier, or as they called it, the “Summer of Answers”, we were excited to see how this whole Charles DiLaurentis debacle panned out. Well folks…it’s been exactly one week since we found out who this “A” is, and we are still scratching our heads. What’s new, right?

To some of you, this may not be a big deal. Finding out who “A” is. I’ll tell you why it’s a big deal for us. First of all, I remember seeing the previews for the up and coming show Pretty Little Liars back in 2010. I thought it looked stupid. Given the title, which is a horrible title, it just looked like a bunch of little assholes who lie and manipulate each other. Which is true, but until you’ve watched that first episode, you don’t realize that you are about to get sucked into this giant vortex of complications and mind fucks that is Rosewood. You get utterly lost in the storyline, especially a storyline that is supposed to be in a span of like, two years. Then when you watch finales such as the one from last week, you walk away feeling stripped of your identity and all that you knew.

Here is your Answer:


Sure, we were a bit inconsiderate to assume that when we found out who Charles DiLaurentis is, we were then in search for a man. No folks. Charles DiLaurentis is Cece Drake, a high school friend of Alison who apparently was posing as Cece to get close to her siblings. Charles DiLaurentis is transgender, turning himself into the fabulous Cece Drake who dated Jason DiLaurentis (*Cough* her brother *Cough*), and was best friends with Ali, her sister.

Many people are extremely disappointed with this new “A” identity, and frankly, I’m not buying it. I decided to reach out to Alanna to ask about her thoughts on the reveal and overall summer finale. 10428598_598076403630848_2368289144775439376_n

How do you feel about this Big A ReveAl?

I kinda wanna call bullshit on this one. Some things made sense but I think this is just another curveball they’re throwing us in the “A” Mythology. It was satisfying in some ways and a lot of things made sense but fuck that, the real “Pretty Little Liars” are the writers. Stringing us along like idiots and then leaving massive cliffhangers all over the place. It makes me wanna punch my TV. “Five Years Later…” “ALI, HE’S COMING FOR YOU!!”


Psh. Now I have to wait till January just to be pissed again? If I didn’t love this show so much, I’d stop watching but it’s like heroin.

Were you expecting A to be Cece?

I had considered this as a possibility because Cece always seemed to get away too easily and was pretty shady, but I just assumed she was part of the “A” team, not “Charles”. I’m glad it wasn’t some random person that we didn’t know because that would’ve been lame. I loved her delivery though, she really proved to be genius but pretty crazy. The annoying thing though is that I was sort of hoping she had been “A” from the beginning and actually making Mona do all that stuff… disappointment.


What are your thoughts on the storyline of A? Charles DiLaurentis was essentially shunned from his family with the exception of his mother, for being transgender. Do you think it was a solid storyline?

Yeah, I thought it was solid. I mean, one of my first thoughts was that maybe she just assumed the life of “Charles” but after the story went on it seemed pretty legitimate. It’s weird as hell though. Definitely consistent with the weirdness of the DiLaurentis family, but even still, they’re just some fucked up people.


A lot of what Marlene King created for Big A leaves many plot holes within the series. What do you think she is trying to do, if anything? Or did she just fuck up?

Probably a fuck-up. I know the creator has been trying to rationalize the in-continuity but it still doesn’t totally work.


Do you believe Big A is really Cece Drake, or do you think Marlene King has something else in store for the viewers?

AHH, I know right?! That is always a question I wonder since every “A” reveal eventually turns out like, “Haha, just playing. We’re totally lying because fuck you, viewers.” I think that this was just because people were getting ansy wondering WHO THE FUCK IS THIS ALREADY?!?!? And after all that cock-teasing, we needed to bust “A” nut. Either way, there were too many people who hated Alison and that whole “A” Flash Mob in New York makes me think there’s a lot more to the story.


Which character do you feel most sorry for?

Good question… probably Jason. Not only do all the members of his family and both his fathers hate him, but he has been totally out of the know for all this time, only to find out he almost had sex with his own brother. I see him turning back to the bottle after that reveal.


Were you rooting for Semily the whole time (Sarah and Emily)?

Not even a little, I knew that bitch was evil from the jump. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt for a second but her story was stupid and she was just so weird. I didn’t really believe the chemistry between Sarah and Emily either. It was kind of surprising when they started going out.


A lot viewers are pissed that Sarah was both Red Coat and the Black Widow. What are your thoughts on this?

Honestly, soooo many people have been “Red Coat” at some point. Even Alison at some points. I don’t believe anyone is TRULY “Red Coat”, it’s just another campy name the girls came up with to describe someone they didn’t know the identity of yet. And as far as being the “Black Widow” (stupid name again), I don’t really care because that whole mystery arc was boring to me to begin with. I just hate Sarah in general. And her hair.

Overall, what are your reactions to this summer finale? Was it their best finale?

That’s hard to say because they have like 2 finales every year and it’s hard to keep track. This was definitely one of their best because we finally got some more intel on the whole story. It was good to learn about Charles and all the shit Mrs. D was hiding. Plus, there were some really funny moments like when Mr. DiLaurentis and Jason were just lying there on the ground with their eyes taped open I laughed really hard. Then Mona pulling that knife out of her shoe, I half expected Hanna to be all, “Seriously, Mona?” and then make some joke. Also, Cece’s delivery was really funny. As far as actresses go, she did a great job and random stuff she said was pretty great. Overall, it was a good finale and I wish someone would leak the upcoming episodes because I’d like to see what happens when they come back and are officially my age.


^^Still going with the fairly unrealistic quality of being 23-years-old, fresh out of college, and looking completely put together with their nice wine, fancy purses, and well paying careers.



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16 thoughts on “Another Pretty Little Liars Discussion with Alanna

  1. Fiona says:

    I think I’m in the majority who actually really like this outcome! I love that they went a different way with it since I’d sort of settled on it being Wren, so this totally caught me off guard. The only thing I don’t really understand is WHY Cece hated the liars so much. Sure, they might not have been the nicest to Ali or whatever, but she didn’t really have any true reason to take it so far. Another bone I have to pick with them is the whole Sara being Red Coat AND the Black Widow. Surely she wasn’t the only person Cece could have sent…. Melissa? Though I’m excited to see what comes next for Cece and how she will act now that the whole thing is out in the open (and let’s not forget to mention when the police catch up with her), I just don’t know if this new “he” that they mentioned in the preview of 5 years later will be as exciting and gripping as A. Only time will tell!

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    • I’d always heard shouts on the internet stating that Wren was “A” but I never truly understood it. Kind of like the Andrew Campbell suspicions, he just seemed like a creepy guy who prayed on high school girls even though he’s like 25. But the important thing to know is never trust anyone in Rosewood, ever. I would have rather seen A as like Toby (for real this time) or Ezra. The storyline of Cece is good, it just didn’t add up 100% for me.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Fiona says:

        I agree about the Andrew Campbell thing. really is just seemed too obvious for me to believe he was A. I mean, blonde, the same age as Jason, creepy, resemblance to the Dilaurentis’s…. And with Toby and Ezra, I do think those stories would have been a good curve ball seeing as they were sort of written off as the big baddie

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  2. So disappointed it was Cece. And how dare all of them have their lives together 5 years after high school. How did Alison even finish high school on time? Uhhh..I mean…I’ve never watched this show.


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