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Hot Dudes Reading

I’ve been following an instagram account, @hotdudesreading and I think you should too.

It’s exactly how it sounds. Hot Dudes Reading.

It’s not even so much the eye candy that keeps me looking. It’s the commentary. Whoever this creative genius is, I applaud you.



Screenshot_2015-08-07-08-42-15 Screenshot_2015-08-07-08-42-19

Screenshot_2015-08-07-08-42-07 Screenshot_2015-08-07-08-42-10

Screenshot_2015-08-07-08-41-45 Screenshot_2015-08-07-08-41-51

I’m very impressed with the sneaking of photographs and how well they actually come out. It’s totally creepy and inappropriate, but it needs to be done. It’s a rare thing to find anyone reading anywhere.

Pure genius.


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