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How To Throw A Killer Fundraiser

I haven’t thrown a fundraiser since my high school days. As part of my senior year project, my friend and I put together a Mr. WHS Pageant, where ten high school boys competed for the crown. It was hilarious. They did runway, talent show, and showed off those pretty hairy legs. The entire auditorium was full, and we raised $2,000 to go towards charity.

That was the only time I ever put together a fundraiser, and I mean I’m not bragging, but it was pretty kickass.

Since I am now raising money for charity once again, I decided it was time to throw another fundraiser!

Before I moved into my apartment building, my neighbors used to throw a Chili Cook Off. I infiltrated the Cook Off and suggested we use the event as a way to make money for my Chicago Marathon Team. One of my neighbors who calls himself “The Old Guy” was all for the idea since in a few months, he will be retiring to Las Vegas.

Here are the ingredients to an awesome fundraiser:

  1. Fabulous people
  2. Lots and lots of food
  3. Lots and lots of alcohol
  4. A chunk of a street to play football resulting in nearly damaging several vehicles.
  5. Ending the night with Cards Against Humanity.

There were 16 entries in the Chili Cook Off.


SIX EFFING TEEN. At the end of the day, people were just throwing numbers down for the Best Chili, Worst Chili, and Hottest Chili because for the most part, they all tasted pretty much the same!



Everyone who showed paid $5 or more towards the Lung Power Team in order to try the chili’s and vote. We raised a total of $184!


A successful day indeed. Even more successful because I got to play one of my favorite games.



2 thoughts on “How To Throw A Killer Fundraiser

  1. When I saw the words ‘chilli cook-off’, I immediately thought of that episode of The Simpsons, and Homer’s whining ‘Marge, we’re missing the chilli…Maaaaarge..’ Classic. Go you though! Also, that Card Against Humanity…I…I’m sayin’ nothin’.

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