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Enough with the Dress Code Arguments

I came across this article about a 17-year-old girl from South Dakota who quit her job at J.C. Penney because they told her she was violating dress code and needed to head home to change. It’s national news at the moment, but what “dress code violation” story isn’t nowadays? If you are lazy and didn’t click on the link to the article, then you didn’t see what the girl was wearing. She had on a pair of red “professional” shorts that she bought in the business casual section in the store, along with a tight fitted blue tank top with thick straps. Oh, and she was wearing sandals. The girl felt she was mistreated and got so fed up she quit on the spot.

I’m seriously so bored with these stupid dress code cries. This isn’t even turning into a gender specific thing like everyone claims it has. Men are not allowed to show up at work in shorts, nor shirtless. They have the same set of rules as women. I’ve worked in retail and I’m pretty sure the dress code still stands – no jeans, no shorts, and no open-toed shoes. It’s THAT simple. You’d have to be doing it on purpose in order to violate those basic standards.

For all you teens out there who keep complaining about the dress code for schools and businesses – they don’t necessarily set these rules because they think men are going to go ape-shit on your clavicle. They do it because they are a professional environment, and in order to keep that reputation, you need to dress the part. Nobody wants to hire a lawyer who looks like they just spent the morning on the beach. No one wants to buy food from a grocery store where all of the employees look like they’ve been rummaging through a dumpster. And no teacher wants their students to walk away from their classroom with only the basic knowledge of Alyssa’s zebra print thong. This is why we have dress codes.

This kind of attitude and behavior will not be tolerated when you’re 25 working as an accountant. You hate the dress code and you quit on the spot? Guess what – they don’t care. You are easily replaceable and they would rather work with someone who follows the rules to their business than deal with someone who doesn’t. It’s just a headache that can be avoided.

The only time I typically agree with arguments about dress code within middle school and high school students is because they get in a hissy fit when a girl wears a pair of yoga pants. That’s taking it a bit far, don’t you think? What honest-to-God difference does it make if the girl wears tight-fitted jeans one day and then a pair of yoga pants the next? They are still covering the legs, so I’m not sure what the problem is. Her ass is still the same regardless of the material so either way, boys are probably going to stare. They are hormonal. There’s nothing you can do about that.

If you wear yoga pants when working out, and allowed to wear them in gym class, then you should be allowed to wear them outside of gym class. There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable in a pair of jeans that is squeezing out your muffin top for the whole class to see while learning geometry.

Go ahead and wear whatever you want when you get to college. The professor could care less if you show up in your Hello Kitty pajamas as long as you do the work. But don’t expect to get away with it at your job. Showing up in the office wearing booty shorts and a halter will get you fired. And you better not use the whole, “You’re sexualizing my body” crap. It won’t work.

P.S. To the school systems: Please stop telling the girls that what they are wearing is going to distract the boys from their schoolwork. Now you’re just blaming them rather than just simply stating, “It’s school policy. Deal.” It’s just not fair, man. 



10 thoughts on “Enough with the Dress Code Arguments

  1. Yeah whenever there is an argument around dress code, whoever in violation of it naturally assumes it’s because they are revealing too much when that isn’t always the case. They just aren’t professionally dressed. Wear what you want, but actually make it seem like your a professional employee and not another customer.

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    • I always feel really bad for men who have to wear long pants and a nice button down shirt for work, even in 100 degree weather. I feel like if women should be allowed to wear shorts, or at least have a hissy because they can’t, then men should too. It’s only fair.

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  2. Ugh, I remember reading that article about the employee who quit over a dress code. Sorry, but she was being an entitled brat. I’ve worked retail before and it wouldn’t even cross my mind to go to work in shorts. Doesn’t matter that it was sold in the store’s “business” section. She needs to learn that every company has their own policies on dress codes.

    I am on the fence when it comes to the debate over dress codes in schools. I’ve seen some posts where girls are complaining because they cannot wear belly shirts. That’s ridiculous and I have no problem with schools enforcing codes. However, I do think that some schools take it way too far and aren’t consistent with their policies. There have also been the stories where a girl has been kicked out of school for wearing a dress she’s worn several times before and didn’t get in trouble for. I also do feel like schools have a tendency to pick on girls when it comes to dress codes over boys. A girl shouldn’t be sent home for wearing a tank top cause it’s distracting. The whole “distracting to boys” thing is ridiculous. Maybe I am giving teenage boys too much credit but I feel as though they will not lose the ability to read and write because a girl is wearing shorts.

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    • I totally agree! I worked in retail and it’s really not that hard to follow the dress code. I have also heard stories from high schools that are completely ridiculous and they really need to take a chill pill. But I agree, I’m sure boys have come across worse on the internet as opposed to Ashley who is wearing a thick tank top. It’s just a little silly.

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  3. I agree for the most part, though I think that in customer service you should be able to wear jeans instead of slacks because no one sees you. It’s not like a salesman that talks to people in person and needs to present an image. And if we can wear them on Friday, what is the difference on any other day?


    • I was lucky enough to work in two offices where we had dress codes, but they were not entirely enforced. A lot of girls showed up in yoga pants and wore sweatshirts because we mostly worked in customer service. I would hate a job where I had to wear a suit, especially since I don’t own one. I have like two blazers and that’s what I consider to be nice haha


  4. Yeah, it’s a place of business and you are an employee. Dress professional. If you want to wear a swimsuit then go work at the beach or a swimming pool. And if you want to be a hipster and have tattoos, work at a coffee bar.


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