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4 Days Until Dooms Day


The time has finally come. It’s a little unbelievable to think that six months ago, I was just starting my marathon training and now it has come to an end. In four days, I’ll officially have finished a marathon…at least I hope so. I’m praying that my aching body will make it to the finish line with clean shorts (because apparently people poop their pants and I’m still unsure how) and a hydrated stomach.

Some goals for Sunday:

  1. Don’t throw up.
  2. Don’t poop or pee my pants.
  3. Don’t throw up.
  4. Be happy and fun by waving to onlookers.
  5. Don’t throw up.
  6. Screw with my own head and convince myself that Gu actually works.
  7. Don’t throw up.

If I had told myself ten years ago that I was going to run a marathon, I would have slapped my knee and called myself a biscuit. Fourteen year old Jess would have never believed me. In fact, it wasn’t many moons ago that I laughed at the thought of running. I giggled and snorted whenever someone said that they enjoyed running. All I could feel at that time was the pain in my neck, chest, legs, and lack of breathing. I absolutely despised running. However, I was extremely jealous of those who could run and actually liked it. I wanted that so badly. It’s probably the cheapest way to exercise next to walking. It doesn’t require $500 a week in studio lessons, or hours upon hours outside of school for practice. It doesn’t require every weekend of your life or $1,000 of gear and supplies. That’s the amazing part. You can actually do this in your own time, which is a wonderful thing.

So, after the long 26.2 miles, I will reward myself with a beer and some of Chicago’s finest deep dish pizza.

Wish me luck!

If you haven’t already, please donate to my charity for the Chicago Marathon! I’m running alongside my teammates on The Lung Power Team where we raise funds for lung disease research. I’m only $75 away from my minimum of $1,000! Please donate today! 

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