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My Worst Halloween

Getting in the Halloween spirit by reliving my worst Halloween ever. A reblog from last year!

You're Fine

Happy Halloween everyone, and welcome to my first Funny Blog Friday event, where I get to share something hilarious and potentially humiliating with you. Of course, this makes me sound kind of cocky, as I don’t actually find myself to be all that funny but others apparently do! So I hope this post makes you laugh out loud, feel awkward and embarrassed for my sake, and maybe want to give me a hug in the end because I love hugs.

With this event, I will be giving away this Boy Meets World shirt! :

If you’re interested in this shirt, please let me know by either commenting on this post, emailing me, tweeting me, or any way transporting communication in my direction. You have until midnight tonight, and then I will do the drawing of the winner of this fabulous shirt.

Now this story I’m about to share with you…

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