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Why EasyJet Needs To Make Its Way To America (Pros and Cons)

One of the many things I miss about studying abroad in England is EasyJet.

EasyJet was my best friend from August to December in 2011.

We were tight.

They were loyal to me and my needs.

Because of EasyJet, I could travel to France, Italy, Spain, and various countries at sometimes a low low cost of $40.

EasyJet is God’s gift to Europe.

Here are some pros and cons to having EasyJet make it’s way to the grand U.S. of the A.

Pro: I Could See What Else America Has To Offer

Do I want to go see the whales of Alaska? Yes, please.

How about seeing one of the greatest sunsets in Montana? Alrightyyyyy then.

What about the Kentucky Derby? Sure!

Dear EasyJet,

take me to these places.


A Beloved Customer

2 Humpback Whales Breaching Mendenhall Glacier Digital composite SE AK --- Image by © AlaskaStock/Corbis


Con: It Would Probably Put Southwest Out Of Business

Southwest is a more expensive and put-together version of EasyJet. The sooner you check-in, the better boarding number you get, which means the better seat. I like being able to choose any seat that’s available to me. Secondly, the Southwest staff are pretty dandy, cracking jokes and what not. Price-wise, they are the usually the better option.

Therefore, I don’t want to see Southwest go.


Pro: EasyJet Runs Like a Bus System

You can’t make it to one flight, that’s fine! Just hop onto the next one!

From what I remember, EasyJet runs all the time like the subway or a bus.


Con: All Of My Money Will Go To EasyJet

Good-bye savings account!


Pro: You’ll Gain Some Leg Muscle Running From The Gate Onto The Plane

At least Southwest is a bit more organized. Luckily, Europeans are a little more polite and less entitled than Americans, so in true American fashion, I pushed and shoved my way up to the glass door, my face squished into the window waiting for the doors to open so we can all book it onto the plane.


Con: In America, It Would Be a Blood Bath

Because, well, it’s America. #GetMeOnThatPlane


I miss you, EasyJet!




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