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Reality of Cyber Monday

Everyone wants what they can’t have. Cyber Monday made me realize this.

Cyber Monday is usually for people who don’t want to die on Black Friday. I once saw that someone got arrested in Walmart for starting a fight over socks. Why spend hours in traffic and standing in line when you can easily get the same deals from the comfort of your own home? It makes no sense to me. Let alone, spend Thanksgiving standing in line for Black Friday that starts at 4pm that same day, which is not on Black Friday. The deals start earlier and earlier each year and it’s disturbing.

I don’t usually participate in Black Friday or Cyber Monday because I’m always broke, scraping for quarters just to do laundry. This year, I decided to do Cyber Monday because I’m already in my neighbor’s apartment with Wifi, and truthfully, while the baby is sleeping, there’s not much else to do. It’s potentially dangerous.

I’m a dreamer. Pinterest made me realize this. So as I spent the day browsing through the internet trying to update my wardrobe, I found nothing appealed to me. All of the things I would normally kill for, I had no interest in because it was just that easy.

For example, I could click through ModCloth and save about ten dresses I would die for on my favorites bar. A dress with popcorn print on it? Absolutely! A dinosaur print dress? Hells yes. I’m pretty sure there was a dress at one point that had a pizza pattern, and I nearly drooled looking at it. Naturally, every single dress is priced around $60, and since I can barely afford laundry, it’s unrealistic. So for Cyber Monday, my first thought was to look at ModCloth. They had 25% off everything, but unfortunately when the dresses are already $60, and then take off the discount, and then add the shipping costs, you’re paying the same amount as the original price, so in reality, you’re not actually saving anything. I was one click away from buying the dinosaur dress before my good angel-like side told me not to. The devil side of me screamed, “DO IT. DO IT BEFORE YOUR MONEY GOES TOWARDS YOUR STUDENT LOANS.” My angel side said, “It’s not a good idea sweetheart. Put down the laptop.”


Why is it that every time there is a sale, you can never find what you want? It’s a weird phenomenon. Any other day, I fill a cart with happiness only to be crushed by reality. Did anyone else participate in the ridiculousness of Black Friday and Cyber Monday after just giving thanks for breathing?

P.S. Don’t forget about the first You’re Fine Holiday Contest! Be sure to send me your story between December 1-24!



10 thoughts on “Reality of Cyber Monday

  1. I do not do Black Friday anymore…It’s just wayy too much of sham for me. I also couldn’t participate in Cyber Monday either. I have to wait until this Friday when I get paid before I can do any kind of shopping. Sadly, the deals do not coincide with pay day.


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