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Christmas Tag

I was always really bad at Tag during recess. I found the concept of chasing each other around the playground horrifying, on top of the fact that I couldn’t run to save my life. I was the kid that stayed “IT” for forever until I finally collapsed in a fit of tears and screamed, “That’s not fair! You’re all faster than me!” I was an asshole.

Paul from The Captain’s Speech has punched me with the Christmas Tag filled with candy canes, snowflakes, and happiness, which means I’m down to playing this round of Tag.

200-67Here are my answers to this years Christmas questions:

1. What is your favorite Christmas film?

EASY. Elf.


Who doesn’t love a grown man express his love for Santa and drown his spaghetti with maple syrup? Certainly not I.

2. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning? 

My mom used to let me open one present on Christmas Eve, especially if she knew it would entertain me while the adults continued getting drunk and telling sexually inappropriate Christmas jokes to each other. The rest would wait until Christmas morning and when I say Christmas morning, I mean 7am til about 4pm. It was an all day event.

3. Do you like to stay in your PJ’s all day or dress up?

I like a little bit of both! PJ’s all day while opening presents and watching re-runs of A Christmas Story, and then slightly dress up to see the rest of the family elsewhere. Especially if I’m spending the entire Christmas break in my PJ’s, I’d like to feel slightly human at least once.

4. If you could only buy one person a present this year, who would it be?

I can’t choose between my family and friends, therefore, I’ll go with a homeless person. I’d get them something useful, like a new pair of shoes or a three course meal.

5. Have you ever built a gingerbread house?

Unsuccessfully. Mostly because I ate all of the ingredients.


6. What do you like to do on your Christmas Break?

I’m an adult and I don’t have Christmas Break anymore.


I’m just kidding. What I liked to do as a wee little lass was sleep, eat, sleep, watch the Investigation Discovery Channel, hang with friends, sleep, and eat some more. Now as an adult, my Christmas Break is a whole week long, so I’ll be spending every waking minute with friends and family until I come back to California dead.

7. Any Christmas wishes? 

Too many to count and/or comprehend. A job would be nice……


8. Favorite Christmas food?

I stopped myself from Googling “Christmas Food” because I don’t actually know what Christmas food is except for cookies. So I’ll go with cookies. Any and all cookies!

9. Candy Cane or Gingerbread Man?

Gingerbread, absolutely. I think Ginger Snaps are delicious.

10. What is at the top of your Christmas list?

I’ve requested a Luke’s Diner t-shirt for Christmas because my love for Gilmore Girls isn’t obvious or anything.


I hope my answers are satisfactory. It is now time for me to nominate a fellow blogger to partake in these Christmas festivities among WordPress. If you don’t, I’ll unleash Krampus on you.

I nominate Mindy from yellow.fever.!

Also, another friendly holiday reminder of the first holiday contest on my blog! Send me your Christmas stories by December 24th via email at jreyna91@gmail.com and the winner will have their story posted to my blog along with a New Years present from me! It doesn’t matter what country you live in, you’ll still get a surprise present! And who doesn’t love presents?


5 thoughts on “Christmas Tag

  1. I was also confused by “Christmas food” so i just assumed it was food I ate on Christmas. No clue if that was right. Good answer with #4. Completely makes my answer of “myself” look awful haha. Thanks for doing this!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. First of all, I LOVE your seasonal background!
    Second, I imagine your unsuccessful gingerbread house is what may happen if I ever tried to build one. I’d eat all the ingredients and claim that it WAS a gingerbread house until a hurricane came through.

    Liked by 1 person

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