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Do You Love Stand-Up?

I’ve been on a Stand-Up Comedy binge on Netflix lately and I can’t get enough. If I had the guts to actually do Stand-Up as a career, I would but I’m too much of a wuss. It’s one of my favorite things to watch and if you haven’t jumped on the Stand-Up train with me, I’m here to give you a few suggestions that I’ve watched on Netflix recently that had me rolling off my bed with laughter.

Iliza Shlesinger


She has two specials on Netflix right now, War Paint and Freezing Hot. Most of her jokes seem to focus on the ridiculousness of women and what they do/think, but that’s enjoyable for all people. For instance, our Pinterest habits that no man should ever see, and her hilarious lamb noise when she re-enacts women speaking to each other, which is a little odd and off-putting at first but entirely accurate.

Jen Kirkman


Her Netflix special, I’m Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine) is a hilarious hour of aging to the point of having gray pubic hairs, talking to kids/not wanting kids, and being a cougar for an evening. She also tells an interesting story about a man at a bar ordering a drink and he didn’t know what a lemon or lime was. She had a few things to say about that.

Trevor Noah


What I love most about Trevor Noah is that he is a foreigner, reigning from the country of South Africa, and making his way over to the United States so that he can be labeled as black. He points out all of the things we Americans do that are utterly ridiculous, unintentionally racist, and downright stupid, and I applaud him for that. He has two bits on Netflix, African American and You Laugh But It’s True (which I haven’t seen yet). He even laughs at the Unicef commercials thinking they are images of Cleveland.

Bill Burr


Anything by Bill Burr is fantastic. Feel free to watch all three specials on Netflix Let It Go, You People Are All The Same, and I’m Sorry You Feel That Way. He hails from Boston so he has that obnoxious accent where he talks about plastic surgery, adopting a dog from the SPCA, and the different levels of racism. He’s one of the greats.

Anjelah Johnson


If any of you have seen Bon Qui Qui in action, you’ll know who Anjelah Johnson is. She also does an impressive Vietnamese impersonation when getting her nails done which you can YouTube anytime. Her three specials on Netflix are Not Fancy, That’s How We Do It!, and Homecoming Show. She talks a lot about her lack of Mexican heritage, being newly married, and getting into cat fights (just look at the pic).

Chelsea Handler


I never really watched Chelsea’s talk show, but her Netflix special Uganda Be Kidding Me was one to remember. She shares her trip to Africa with her friend by showing disturbing images that will be tattooed in your brain so please, watch with caution.

There are tons of other Stand-Up specials on Netflix like Aziz Ansari, Louis CK, and John Mulaney. Enjoy!


16 thoughts on “Do You Love Stand-Up?

  1. I’ve been watching a lot of stand up on YouTube recently. Not that familiar with some of these comedians, so I’ll have to check them out. Jerry Seinfeld is my go to guy. I like how he finds the ridiculousness is almost every little habit. Also, anything with Don Rickles is just incredibly funny as well.

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      • Old people are always hilarious because they can get away with saying anything. My grandma says the craziest stuff. I should live tweet everything she says when I go back home. In fact, she will probably read this comment and call me a foul name.

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      • You should do that!

        Speaking of old people…and old man knocked at my door about half an hour ago. He was dressed as Santa Claus, had bells around his neck and 3 backpacks (full of presents?). Then he realized he had the wrong house, made a phone call, and drove off in his Subaru. Modern day Santa needs a GPS.

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      • Pretty much lol. How do you question Santa Claus? Not sure how he’ll explain the car. Looked like it needed a car wash too. Santa’s got 9 days to get his act together.

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  2. I went through a phase about a year ago where I was watching a lot of the stand-up specials on Netflix. I think I watched two Aziz Ansari shows and a Jim Gaffigan. I’ve got a lot of others in my queue, I just haven’t gotten around to them yet. I should, though. I could use a good laugh.

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  3. Nana and Grampy says:

    I have lots of words…… I can’t wait until you get home! By the way, I hope you like Fish Chow-duh. If not,….Tough Titty, that bears no milk! Love, Nana

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