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Holiday Contest Winner – That Time I Saw Santa Claus


This year, I decided to run a holiday contest through my blog. It was a tough decision when choosing the winner, but after some careful consideration and stiff competition, the 2015 Holiday Winner is Paul from The Captain’s Speech!

I hope you enjoy his Christmas story as much as I did!

The Time I Saw Santa Claus

As a child, going to the local mall and sitting on Santa’s lap was an annual tradition. Don’t ask me why I couldn’t just stand in front of Santa, or sit next to him, and tell him what I wanted for Christmas. I guess that’s too weird.

One time, I remember exiting a store right across from where Santa was perched on his throne. I had already gone to see him a few days prior, so he knew all about me. He saw me and waved. I waved back. Santa has good eyesight, I thought, as all the adults in the vicinity noticed our connection and were clearly jealous.

Santa and I were on the same page when I was a kid.

One Christmas Eve, I went to sleep nice and early like I was told to do. But in the middle of the night, I woke up. Instead of staying wrapped up in my bed like a pig in a blanket, I decided to expose myself to cold air and walked to my window.

I’m a daredevil.

I looked out my window and what I saw next was truly a Christmas miracle. I saw Santa Claus, his sleigh, and all of his reindeer on the roof of the house across the street. If the year were 2015, I would’ve grabbed my phone and taken a picture.

But it wasn’t. It was still the 90s. So I grabbed a pencil and paper and started drawing a sketch of what I was looking at.

As crazy as it sounds, I saw it. There is a street light right outside my house – the scene was well lit, so don’t even question me on visibility.

And then I saw the reindeer take off and fly to the next house. It was like watching the garbage truck go one house at a time. Did he already come to my house? Or did he start on the other side of the street? Such a mystery.

At that point I thought I was pressing my luck. Santa is always watching. I was sure he would turn around any minute and stare me down until I retreated away from the window and returned to my pig in a blanket state of warmth.

I couldn’t risk it. I wanted presents.

The next time I left my house, I remember sitting in the backseat of my mom’s car and staring out the window at the house where I had seen Santa. That was now sacred territory.

Listen, I know how crazy all of this sounds. I know how impossible it probably is. I’m just telling you what I saw when I was a child. Did I imagine the whole thing? Was I hallucinating? Was it a dream? Did I have too many candy canes before going to sleep? These are questions I am unwilling to answer.

All I know is that Christmas is a magical time, especially for children. Just let me keep this innocent memory, and don’t pour eggnog on my childhood.


Oh, did I mention that when I got older, I needed to get glasses to see objects that were far away? As far away as, say, across the street?


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