I Wasn't Worried, Travel, You're Fine

Hello Roswell


9 hours later, and I finally made it to Roswell, New Mexico!

My current status: exhausted. I was way too tired to go out exploring when I arrived and instead collapsed into my hotel bed with Cat. However, I decided to take my time tomorrow morning and go downtown for breakfast before I leave for Wichita, so hopefully I can capture some more photos of this tiny town. So far, there are two blown up aliens outside the entrance of my hotel and I’m feeling the creepy vibes.

The sunrise this morning outside of Phoenix was amazing and I tried my best to capture a photo and not crash my car at the same time (sorry Nana).


Here are some photos of fabulous naked trees about 45 minutes outside of Roswell:



Notes to self:

  • When entering a U.S. Customs and Border Control Check Point and the guard asks you if you are a U.S. Citizen, DON’T PAUSE. For the love of God, don’t pause….

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