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Hello Wichita


I have zero pictures to share. Every time I see some nice scenery, I want so badly to stop and take a picture but these highways have a rest area and/or gas station once every 40 miles.

I’m pretty sure Cat hates me for sticking him in a car three days in a row. Tomorrow won’t be fun as we have 10.5 hours until our next destination.

Once I reached my hotel, my legs were all wobbly and I needed to scarf down a pop tart in order to feel normal again. Here is a conversation I had with two Southern men:

*Hand ID to Clerk*

Clerk: Ah, California huh?

Me: Yes.

Southern Man #1: California? What part?

Me: Long Beach.

Southern Man #1: Oh, cool. I was born in Ventura County.

Me: *Smile*

Southern Man #2: Well, you’re not like those other California girls who are all stuck up. *Looks me up and down*

Me: *Awkward Laugh*

Clerk: Here is your room number! *Holds up piece of paper clearly stating my room number* You go to the back of the building and your room is up the stairs, third room on the left.

Me: *Quickly grab the paper* Yeah okay, thanks.

*Reach my room and triple lock the door*



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