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Hello Indiana

Well I just spent the entire weekend with my fabulous Mexican family eating tostadas and tamales and it was so wonderful to see everyone. I planned to skip Niagara Falls and head to Gettsyburg, PA but now I’m stuck in South Bend, Indiana.

This is the most bizarre snow I’ve ever experienced. Clear blue skies, a little windy, and yet the roads are completely awful. I didn’t even know it snowed earlier that morning/night, and about an hour into my drive, I was going 20mph on the highway. I counted approximately four cars had already crashed on the side of the road, and an SUV directly behind me sped out of control, crashed into both shoulders of the highway and did a 360 about three times. That’s when I said, “GET ME OFF THIS HIGHWAY NOW.”


I’ve decided to shack up in South Bend for the day/night instead of attempting the ridiculous roads. I’d like to live my life.

Now I’m a whole day behind with a possible snow storm heading towards the east coast. I just need to get home now.


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