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Here is a brief update on my life:

  • I’m currently living back home in New Hampshire after driving 3,000 miles from California.
  • My car is still crammed with my belongings because I simply can’t wrap my brain around dealing with it.
  • I have no job.
  • I keep falling asleep while watching Making A Murderer which is incredibly frustrating.

Luckily, since I’ve moved back to New Hampshire, I’ve gotten more job prospects than I did in California, which only confirms my feelings when I yell “SUCK IT” when the wind is blowing west. My best friend Tierney sent a lovely text message earlier this week asking if I would be interested in rooming with her in…..*drumroll please*…..NEW JERSEY. Yes, the armpit of America. And I said hell yes because not only do I love Tierney, but until then, I had no plan. So right now, that is the plan, and I’m so excited I can’t breathe.


I’ve been sending out my resume like hot cakes and decided to reach out to a friend of mine from grad school since he lives in Brooklyn and I will only be a mere 45 minute train ride. We can call him Joe. He called me the other day after examining my resume to discuss what my future plans are. Awkward, since I have none. He’s been living in NYC for quite some time and gave me the lowdown on employment and living situations. After asking a series of questions on what I’m interested in/looking for in a job, he then asked, “What do you see yourself doing when you’re 30?”

After serious thinking, I said, “I DON’T KNOW JOE. BREATHING.”

*Proceeds to pass out on the floor*

So I may not have actually responded in such a way, but it was pretty damn close. After complimenting me on my resume skills (at least that’s something), he gave me a few ideas I’m toying with. My future is looking a lot like those Texas farmlands where it’s just miles and miles of nothing until you see big, wondrous windmills that excite you. I need to pick a windmill. And soon.



17 thoughts on “Breathing

  1. While you may not have a clean plan yet, it sounds like you have a lot of prospects which is awesome! New Jersey gets a bad rep but it has some pretty cool places. It’s great if you’re going to be close to this city. That’ll give you ton more of job opportunities. Good luck with everything! And if you ever have any questions about living/job hunting in NYC/Jersey, feel free to ask.

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