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Why Hecklers Are The Worst Kind of People

It is finally baseball season. A time for families to enjoy a nice day out at the ball park with hot dogs, beer, and sunshine. Whether you’re sitting behind home plate or in the nose bleed section, you’re almost always guaranteed a good time. Until you realize you have plopped into a seat directly next to a squawking heckler. Or worse, a group of them. 

I’ve been to my fair share of ball parks including Fenway, PNC Park, Busch Stadium, Dodger Stadium, as well as many others. I attended almost all of them while rocking some form of Red Sox gear because that’s the only baseball gear I own. Of course, by doing this, I expect to hear some lighthearted backlash, especially since I’m a Boston fan and everyone else in the country hates us for various reasons. But there is a big difference between lighthearted, teasing fun, and just being a dick.

Yesterday, I attended my first Mets game. It was a chilly 40 degrees and for the most part, I sat in the shade bundled up in my jacket, USC baseball cap, and blanket. I didn’t wear any Red Sox gear, and thank God I didn’t. Directly in front of me were a group of four young men, roughly the age of twenty-one, who were the worst kind of people. A man walked by in a Boston cap, and the men decided to yell obscene, highly inappropriate insults at the poor man who just wanted to enjoy a friendly Mets game on a beautiful Sunday. They not only did this to the Boston fan, but they did it to Yankee fans, Philly fans, and basically any other person who didn’t wear anything Mets related. The best part was that every time something even remotely interesting happened in the game, they all stood up, as if they were going to get a better look than they already had. This then, resulted in me watching the entire game from the big screen like I’m watching it from the comfort of my own home, which is exactly how you want to feel when you go to a baseball stadium, right? That’s the purpose of going to a baseball park. To feel like you never left your couch! I missed 85% of the plays and I was real bitter about it.


One guy continuously yelled, “Fuck the Red Sox!” over and over and over again. I must remind you all that the Mets were playing the Phillies, so try to figure that one out….

Anyone who shows up to a baseball game in this manner has clearly never been to a baseball game. I expect this kind of behavior at a soccer match or a football game, where everyone gets rowdy and yells and it’s a whatever-time. But a baseball game? A quiet, sunny day, relaxing and watching a baseball game is not the time and place for obnoxious screaming.

I think what bothers me most is that some fans can’t seem to take a chill pill. So what if some guy with a Dodgers hat shows up to a Cardinals game in St. Louis? I personally think that anyone who goes to a stadium where both teams playing against each other aren’t even “his” team, he is showing at least some form of respect and trying to enjoy himself in YOUR park. Why do you have to be such a douchebag? He’s literally Swiss! He could probably care less about who wins. The guy just really likes baseball games. So when a heckler mocks and insults someone the entire time, they are completely ruining their experience and they will probably never want to go to that park again. Way to go, bro.

I thought I was going to lose it the more I had to be around these fools. Everyone around us looked at them with disdain with the exception of a few who gave them a tiny sliver of encouragement which was so not what they needed. They reminded me of those guys in high school who were so terribly obnoxious and would do some sort of pizza contest in the cafeteria while everyone pounded their fists on the table chanting things like, “O’DOYLE RULES!” and yet these guys always have a shit load of friends and girls hanging off their every word.


Meanwhile, I’m in the corner like, “How and why has this come to be?”

But the best part about witnessing these hecklers is that you will most likely see a fight break out because someone finally overheated, or you get to watch security tell them off. Either one is extremely satisfying.



12 thoughts on “Why Hecklers Are The Worst Kind of People

  1. Auntie Dy says:

    This is why it is not worth the money , or the time . I can’t even take going to the movies because there is always an asshole . Maybe Bernie Sanders sent them to heckle . Lol
    I am sorry they ruined your outing . Ask Uncle Brian about his time in the Montreal forum watching a Canadian hockey game . He cheered for the wrong team and got thrown off the second level mezzanine .

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  2. As a Yankees fan, I was fairly certain everyone else in the country hated us for various reasons… Maybe the same reasons they hate Red Sox fans? A bucket list item I have is to see a game at every Major League ballpark. So far I’ve only hit six of them. When I was at Fenway (where I was wise enough not to wear anything Yankees related), there was a guy in front of us that randomly shouted, “Yankees suck!” The Sox were playing Tampa, btw. I’ve never held any animosity toward a Red Sox fan. In fact, some of my best friends are Red Sox fans. I just figure no one’s perfect 😉

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    • I think it’s the same reason they hate any Boston team to be honest. I’ve heard going to see every ball park is on a lot of bucket lists for people. It’s a cool goal to have! It’s tough because I’ve definitely seen people show up to Fenway with a Yankees hat on and nobody made a big stink about it, but there’s always that one person who ruins it!

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  3. I think you’d enjoy watching a baseball game in Toronto. I sat 3 rows from the top on Sunday and had the greatest time. Fans up there don’t really heckle, they just yell random funny one liners. And there are a million different conversations going on the whole time to listen in on if the baseball game is boring. Pretty sure my friends and I gave the people around us an entertaining 3 hours with the funny conversations we had. No one thanked us though…

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  4. There’s a way to tease fans of opposing teams in a funny, light-hearted way. I’ve been to plenty of baseball games at a number of different stadiums and I’ve seen it done successfully. Seen it where both groups of fans were getting along and having fun. Then there is just being an asshole and it’s always fun seeing these fans finally getting their due from security.

    Also, why were these Mets fans so bothered by Red Sox fans when the Mets were playing the Phillies? Maybe they were actually Yankee fans. I’m a Yankee fan but I’m fully aware of how annoying some of us can be.

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