Thoughts After 11 Days

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post about my Nana Dustin. I’ve had my hands full these last few weeks, or at least it feels like I have. As some of you may notice, I changed up the blog quite a bit. I’m now officially the proud owner of this here blog thanks to GoDaddy. If some of my readers have lost me, I’m sure we’ll find each other again soon.

Here are some thoughts after these last two weeks:

  1. I’ve gotten very folksy lately. My latest music muse has been The Lumineers and their new album Cleopatra. It’s worth a download!The-Lumineers-Cleopatra-Review
  2. I made direct eye contact with Aaron Paul. It happened on Friday evening in Queens as I was leaving a concert. He scurried past me to get into his fancy private car, and as I looked over, he stared me right in the eye and then dove into the car. Yes, he’s even more gorgeous in person. And no, I didn’t yell, “HEY, BITCH.”giphy-4
  3. Do you think it’s cool for a girl to propose to her boyfriend? I came across an article on Pinterest about it, and decided to ask some people what their thoughts were. Would a man really feel totally emasculated or is that a myth?
  4. I still have yet to make my apartment as “homey” as possible. I just recently painted a used desk that I have to find a way to transport. I then need to find a comfortable armchair for the desk so that I can stop sleeping with a thousand books and papers as if it’s another human. I also can’t figure out how to hook up my cable to my TV. The idea of calling someone bums me out because that means I will most likely be put on hold for several minutes, not have any clue what the person is talking about, then request someone to come over and fix it, and then actually wait for said person between the hours of 10-7 on a day that I work just to hook up the stupid cable when my internet is working fine and I have all the Netflix a girl could need. Can you see through my laziness?
  5. My recent book obsession is The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I’m a little late in the game but I don’t care. It’s brilliant.
  6. I bought a succulent at the Farmer’s Market because I thought it looked cute, and now I have no clue how to maintain it. Last time I had a succulent, it was dead within weeks. Let’s see how long I can get this one to stay alive.
  7. I’m having trouble deciding whether or not to watch the newest season of Orange Is The New Black since the last season was pretty awful. Tell me, is it worth it?
  8. Happy Belated Two Year Blogiversary for me!
  9. I now officially have a girl crush on Emilia Clarke. I recently saw Me Before You, which in my personal opinion wasn’t that awesome. I read the book but the movie was way too much of a cheese-fest for my liking. And I really love cheese.giphy-3

Tell me folks, what have I missed on WordPress these last couple of weeks? Have a seat, take off your bra if you’d like.


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