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Art Project: Mini Fruit Series


Over the past few months, I’ve gotten back into painting and drawing, and it’s so liberating! I’m trying to dive back into my favorite mediums, or mediums I’m not quite used to. All throughout high school and college, I’ve loved using charcoal for my drawing classes. Anything chalky was my best friend. Now it seems that watercolors have stolen my heart. I’ve decided that with my increasing number of paintings that are scattered around my apartment to dry, I’m going to try and sell them, which is partially why I’ve begun posting my work to Instagram.

I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about posting my work because as some of you may know, I don’t like to take selfies and it felt equivalent to that. But I sucked it up and have found amazing artists from around the world who we now show support during our creative releases.

This past week in my studio (aka studio apartment):



Carnations w/ Rozes, 9×12, watercolor


Lavender, 3 1/2 x 10, watercolor

What I love most about painting flowers is that there are no rules. If there’s anything I’ve learned since I stopped my studio art classes in college, it’s that it’s okay to bend the rules. I find that if I have too much direction when it comes to painting and drawing, my work rarely comes out the way I envisioned it. Remember that next time you attend Wine and Paint night! Yes, there is someone there telling you what to do, but it’s okay to only give 25% of your full attention.

Mini Fruit Series


Watermelon Mini’s, 4 x 4, watercolor

I’m really excited about my mini fruit series collection! It’s impossible to go to the grocery store these days and not see giant watermelon’s outside in the sun. These little 4 x 4’s will be placed inside a 12 x 12 photo mat with four slots as one whole piece of work. I would love to take a whack at other fruit too (i.e. pineapples, oranges, apples, pomegranate, kiwi, etc.). Any fruit suggestions would be wonderful!

I’m still in the process of “setting up shop” but I will keep you kids updated. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by Twitter, Instagram, Email, Carrier Pigeon, etc.


22 thoughts on “Art Project: Mini Fruit Series

  1. First off, I like how you included carrier pigeon as a method of communication. Sooo underrated! Your artwork is great! Watercolour paintings were my favourite to do when I took art classes as a kid. Probably because if I made a mistake I could just blame it on the water running. I was never good at art. That watermelon makes me want watermelon. Keep it up!

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      • That reminds me, I was had a field trip to an art gallery and there was one piece of art on the wall…it was about 8 feet wide and stretched from the floor to the ceiling. The bottom half was painted grey, the top half was painted black. That was it. And they said, look at the painting and tell us what you see. I thought it was a trick. If I saw something other than black and grey I would surely have a medical condition, right?

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      • Hahahahah oh my God. Yes. That was basically my entire college career. That’s like Cubism or something. I can’t stand that either. All it really is is showing complimentary colors/”emotions”. Definitely not my favorite…..

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      • There’s a name for it?? Cubism…because on squares would understand it. If you post a picture on Instagram of just a colour and ask what we see, I might die.

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