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I Spoke to The Lumineers

I remember when everyone first started to tweet, it was a THING to tweet at celebrities and bands, just to see if they would respond. I rarely do it because 99.9% of the time, they don’t respond to you and you look like a 15-year-old weirdo. Last night, I was listening to The Lumineers, my favorites being “Ophelia” and “Cleopatra” while painting at my desk with my cat falling asleep on my foot. I stopped and thought, “Man, my life is pretty rad.”

I decided to make a casual shout-out to The Lumineers, until it no longer became casual…at least for me.


I, of course, instantly freaked out and began painting like a maniac and hoping my cat wouldn’t move from his spot for several hours. I responded with the picture they requested, not thinking they would respond to that until…..


My night was made. And brownie points to Mumford for being the good little model that he was. It definitely made up for the lack of sleep he’s given me the past four nights.

Cn5JLuSUEAEllbw.jpg large


8 thoughts on “I Spoke to The Lumineers

  1. You did it! You had a conversation with famous people on twitter and didn’t even have to swear at them! You should’ve told them your cat’s name was Mumford and that your Sons were in the other room lolol

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  2. I’ve had two (very minor) brushes with fame…

    In high school, we took a field trip to Washington and while we were hanging out in the capitol building, Sonny Bono stopped by and shook all of our hands.

    And then, a few years ago, I wrote a blog post about the zombie apocalypse on my old blog and a non-celebrity guest that had been on AMC’s Talking Dead commented on what I wrote.

    Meanwhile, I’ve attempted to tweet at Alison Brie about a dozen times and she’s, apparently, not having any of it.

    Excuse me, I’ll crawl back into my not famous hole in the ground now…


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