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The Stages of Disbelief When Aaron Carter Follows You on Twitter

I was in the middle of sketching a potential painting for later when I randomly decided to look through my followers list on Twitter. I’m not sure what prompted me to do it but I was shocked by what I found.


I did a double take when I noticed the official check mark sign.

I looked even closer now.image1

“Aaron Carter? As in, Aaron’s Party?


Stage 1: Confirmation

I stared at his Twitter page to make sure it was actually Aaron Effing Carter.

Yep. Yep. Definitely him.

Stage 2: Confusion

Why on earth is Aaron Carter following me on Twitter? Did I tweet something strange? Ohhhhhhh, he’s promoting his music. It’s kind of like when those random DJ’s start following you just get you to listen to their tracks. Or those guys who hand you CD’s in Hollywood on the sidewalk. It’s the same thing. EXCEPT IT’S AARON CARTER.


Stage 3: Background Check

I realized that Aaron Carter following me may not be “new”. I decided to creep into my own history and find out when he decided to click the magical button that is my Twitter page.

TWO WEEKS. He’s been following me for two weeks and I didn’t even notice. It doesn’t help that his Twitter name is “KiD CaRTer”, which basically just looks like an AIM screen name from 2003.

I probably figured this was some fake account trying to gain followers and would unfollow me within the hour. Which, by the way, I question that tactic quite a bit. Some of these people follow thousands and thousands of people in such a short amount of time, and I’ve noticed, if I don’t follow them back within a reasonable time frame, they unfollow me. Do they write down all of the people they followed to keep track so that they can unfollow them? Who even has time for that? It’s the only way that would make sense.

Stage 4: Nostalgia

While I hummed Aaron’s Party in my head, I tweeted my amazement over it all. It turned real this morning. I woke up to a direct message sent by…you guessed it.

Now, I’m not going to completely swoon at this moment because the direct message basically just said to watch his newest music video, and “Enjoy! ;)”

Wink face.

I didn’t respond but the very idea that I could have a conversation with the little bro of Nick Carter was thrilling. How far can I take this conversation? I thought. Probably not far. I’ll steal Anna Kendrick’s words and say that I’m a “scrappy little nobody”.

So I had a fan girl moment and reminisced on his Lizzie McGuire kiss with Hilary Duff.


It could have been me.


32 thoughts on “The Stages of Disbelief When Aaron Carter Follows You on Twitter

  1. Okay, I guess this means your famous Twitter follower is slightly more famous than my famous Twitter follower. How do I one-up this? I think I’ll just start tweeting everyone famous I can find on Twitter and ask them to follow me. I’ll tell them it’s for a contest I’m trying to win. By this time next week, I’ll be up to my neck in verified Twitter users!

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    • hahaha THANK GOD you’re not upset about this. I feel like some people would be like, “Um, my Twitter is private.” Which is basically an oxymoron. 13-year-old Jess would have fainted. Especially if I told her after that Lizzie McGuire Christmas Special.

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    • hahahah that doesn’t surprise me. I knew it was too good to be true when I saw he was following like 70,000 people. It’s never a flattering gesture when you see that. And I plan to hold onto that message forever…even if he was just telling me to watch is music video.

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    • It’s a dead giveaway when the “famous”person is following like 120,000 people. How would one even find the time to find 120,000 people to follow? Haha


  2. Yeah, it’s pretty exciting when you get that first blue check mark followers. My first was the lady who does the voice for Siri, which is funny, because I don’t have an Iphone. And second one was Ando from Heroes. So random.

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  3. The Lizzie McQuire thing was my first thought when I saw this title as well as overwhelming jealousy hahaha I wonder what he’s getting into nowadays? I’ll have to go creep, there’s so many famous people from our youth that fell off the face of the earth

    Liked by 1 person

  4. How did I not see this post earlier today? So you said Aaron’s Party so much I had to YouTube what it was all about. Direct lyric: “There’s a honey over there and I really wanna meet her”. This right after a “kid spilled the juice”. This song came out when he was 13. His parents must’ve been proud!

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