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I’m a Casual Fan

If you hear me say, “I love sports,” you can go ahead and believe me. But take it lightly.

I do love sports. You should see me when March Madness starts. I’m an absolute lunatic. But that’s probably the only event in sports that you would see me act this way. Everything else, I’m as mellow as a Southern Belle sipping lemonade in summer.

My biggest struggle when admitting that I love sports is being questioned as to why I don’t watch every game, or know every player, event, arrest, what-have-you, in the news.

When I first started my job in Connecticut, I learned that everyone in the office seems to agree on two things: dogs and baseball. They all LOVE baseball. When they’re not showing each other puppy videos, they are talking about the most recent game. But I’m in a sea of Mets and Yankees fans, while I’m the lonely Red Sox girl who gets crapped on, but to be honest, I’m used to it by now. When I learned my boss is a huge Yankees fan, I bought the most obnoxious Red Sox mug on Amazon and sipped my coffee early in the morning to see if she would react. She definitely noticed.

But now, as Amy Schumer puts it, I have to “fake it til I make it”. I have people come up to me and say, “So how about those Red Sox!? I bet you’re happy.” The awkward thing is that I didn’t watch the game. So I just nod and do a very enthusiastic, “Oh yeah!” and quickly move onto another topic.

I do love the Red Sox. If the game is on, I’ll watch it. But I don’t go out of my way to watch it. Do you get what I’m saying? I have things to do. There are times when I’d rather read or paint. Sue me. I gave up “trying” to prove myself last year when a guy said to me, “Oh, you like the Red Sox? Name five players on the team.” Sexist much? When I named the five players, he scoffed and said, “HE WAS TRADED TWO WEEKS AGO.”

“Wow! A whole two weeks!? You’re right. I’m just a dumb girl trying to fit in with the guys.”

200wSorry, but I have a life. I’m not always paying attention.

I get the reaction, “So, you’re not a real fan.” What does that even mean? Because I don’t paint my face or punch a wall, I’m not a real fan? I think that’s absurd. I feel like girls have it tough when it comes to watching sports. If we don’t show interest, we are just like every other typical girl. If we show too much interest, we must be faking it or trying to impress someone, which follows with the test, “Name five players on the team.” You wouldn’t say that to your bro, would you?

I will straight up tell you that I hate football. Everyone devotes their ENTIRE Sunday to watching every single game on TV. It’s not how I want to spend my last free day before the dreaded Monday. So, while the rest of the world is freaking the fuck out, I hole myself up with a book until it’s all over. I don’t even pretend to care. If the Patriots win, I’m all like, “Yay, that’s great! Want to go grab a pizza?”

Therefore, I am a casual fan. If you invite me to a baseball game, I will happily attend. If you want to check the score of the football game, I will not protest. But don’t expect me to know statistics, or what position a player plays.


15 thoughts on “I’m a Casual Fan

    • Thank you! I’ve never been into hockey. The only time I found myself watching it was when the Bruins were in the playoffs but that’s it. I’ve never even been to an NHL game although I wouldn’t be opposed to the idea haha


  1. Where do I start with you haha. I’m one of those people who definitely watches too much sports and in the last few years it’s kinda felt like an overload and I’ve cut back on some parts of it. Football has gotten boring. I might write a blog post about it. People get way too worked up about it. I feel bad that girls are always immediately quizzed whenever they say they like sports. My sister kicks my butt when it comes to hockey knowledge around 1999-2000 lol. I think a lot of guys have encountered girls who say they like sports just to fit in (when in reality they have no clue what anything is), which is why they feel the need to ask questions. Not making an excuse for them, just saying that’s why I think it’s that way. Hmm what else to say…I also go crazy for March Madness and put a nice groove in the couch all weekend. Ok that’s all!

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    • LOL. Well Paul, you’re passionate about sports, and I’m not. I find it entertaining at times, but I don’t pout over missing a game. I certainly can understand that there are girls out there who pretend. We can usually sniff them out a mile away and as a female, I find it embarrassing. There’s no need to pretend haha depending on the guy, I doubt he’s going to be like, “Oh you don’t like sports!? WE’RE OVER.” There’s not enough fish in the sea for that nonsense. And I start preparing for March Madness at least two weeks before it begins. I think I just like being right hahah


  2. I would call myself a casual fan of the sports ball as well. I was raised a Yankee fan by a die-hard Yankee fan. I got lucky because, during my college years, the Yankees were awesome. These days, I don’t have cable. So, since Jeter retired, I haven’t a clue who plays for the team anymore.

    I like sports. I have a great time going to live games. But I’m gonna not devote any time memorizing statistics and facts like who played short stop for Cincinnati in the summer of 1976.

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