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5 Reasons Why I Love the Airport


Airports are places where cranky, slightly smelly people transfer from one spot to the next, and post their location on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram captioning it “LAX —> BOS” or something even more obnoxious. I’ve been guilty of doing this but I own up to my mistakes…most of the time.

Here is my list of reasons why airports are the absolute best because, you know, “NYC —> DC!!!”

1.) When you need to jump out of the vehicle because you’re not allowed to stop.

I do not have the luxury of someone dropping me off at departures, so I can’t experience that thrilling moment when your driver tries to pull over, let you out and bid you safe journey’s only to have the security guard yell that you “can’t park there” so you’re leaping out at a rolling stop, hoping for the best. What a drag.


2.) The friendly TSA staff

Nothing better than racing to security, ripping off your shoes and removing every technological device you own and stick them in separate bins without holding up the line. The best kinds of people are the ones who forgot to remove their 17 pieces of jewelry they’re wearing and a bagful of change in their pocket. It’s such a grand feeling when security needs to triple check your bag and pull you aside because your 800 page book you’re currently trying to get through too closely resembles a you-know-what, and you walk away with a sense of relief that you didn’t pack those tweezers.


3.) Magically growing a second pair of arms

I will be carrying my fifty pound travel bag because I’m incapable of prioritizing my weekend packing, my purse, my wallet/ID, my phone, and being able to walk through the line at the exact same time. The upside to technology nowadays is that I can now upload my plane ticket on my phone, so it’s one less thing I need to pull out of my bag and not break my arm in the process.


4.) Exercise

Luckily, with all of that carrying and running to your gate, and practically stripping naked at security, you’re most likely breaking a sweat equivalent to your normal day at the gym.


5.) Testing your reflexes

After waiting for your boarding number, cramming yourself onto the plane, and trying with all of your might to get your bag in the overhead compartment because your 5’1 frame won’t allow it, you have finally sit down. If you’re like me, you quickly grab your headphones, shutting out any possible chit chat with fellow passengers. Maybe I’m just bitter, but no, I don’t feel like telling you why I’m going to this location of choice, or where I grew up, or what my favorite Mexican dish is.


Please share some of your favorite moments in the airport.


16 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why I Love the Airport

  1. I’m a writer. To me, an airport is a candy store. Every time I’ve flown commercially, I’ve jotted down notes the entire trip in a spiral bound notebook for future exploitation. The best stuff are the little sensory details people forget like the smell of new upholstery in a plane, the shudder and thunk of the landing gear locking into place on final approach, and the hookers reapplying make up in the main terminal ladies room.

    Maybe that’s just LaGuardia.

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  2. Oh I can’t stand when people use the 3 letter airport code to tell people where they’re going, especially when it isn’t obvious. Like if I didn’t live in Toronto, I’d have no clue that we are YYZ.

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  3. Last time I went to the airport, I turned to my friends and said, “Wouldn’t it be fun to run into the terminal like they do in the movies and look at the flight board and act all relieved when we see the flight is on time?” Then I took off. Alone. About a minute later, when my friends casually walked up beside me, they let me know just how close I probably came to being tasered. Apparently, my little sprint through the airport made TSA a little nervous.

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  4. Hi Jess! Thanks for the follow and here I am to return the favor!
    Anyway, I (and my other 6 family members) had a flight in 15 minutes and we finally make it into the door of the airport and realize we’re never going to make it. Then, miraculously, a security lady told everybody who was going to be on that flight had to go first in the lines. Thank! God! It was a huge blessing and they even didn’t care that I brought my Swiss Army knife in my suitcase… Crazy times…

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