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What is Happening?: DC and other tales


I don’t even know where to begin with this post. I have no words. This was definitely one of the best weekends I’ve ever had, but I already knew this before the weekend even started. Let me first start off with a brief, yet detailed, explanation of my dear friend and former roommate Colleen.

Colleen is a free spirit. Colleen does what she wants and when she wants. She never seems to have a plan. I always feel like I have some idea of a plan, but after spending just a few hours with her, I realize that my so-called plan is actually not all that important. It’s liberating. Her car is an absolute mess. She has at least 15 pairs of shoes and several outfits to choose from, all hidden within the cracks of her car. I realized she has her whole closet in her car because she never knows what she’s going to do next. She could decide to go to the Nationals game, and then all of a sudden get invited to a bar, so at least she has a cute top and heels in her car just in case. I always walk away thinking, “Someone should write a song about her, if they haven’t already.” Kind of like Hey There Delilah or Meet Virginia.

I luckily got to meet a fellow blogger from our little community, Meghan! Many people were weirded out (except for Colleen) that we were meeting for the first time because we’ve only spoken to each other on the Internet. I warned Meghan that spending the day with us meant it was going to be a pretty random day. We met up at the World War II memorial and the rest is a bit of a blur.




^^^^The man behind us seems to have the same idea? I also look like a wet mutt due to the rain.

After some tequila shots and Korean tacos, Colleen somehow managed to get her foot stuck in a tree. She had an urge to climb the skinny street tree until things went awry and we had to call over random men to pull her out of the tree. She woke up the next morning wondering why her foot hurt. After hours of hanging and chatting, Meghan had to leave and we were saddened by it greatly.

After Meghan left, Colleen and I were walking on a quiet street singing Anna Kendrick’s “Cups” to meet with a few of her friends when the unthinkable happened. Colleen unleashed all of her worries and concerns onto me and I wasn’t prepared for it. She listed off all of her stresses and her confusion on life. In all of my time knowing Colleen, I have never seen her like that. She was always the care-free one, and the person to find beauty in everything the world has to offer. So I stopped walking and just stood on the cold street, listening to her. When she finally took a deep breath, I hugged her with all of my might and cried. We both cried (she will probably kill me if she knew I informed you all that she cried). We were silent on the street, hugging and crying, before she finally said, “I’m so glad you’re here.” And then she asked why we were crying. I told her, “Because my life isn’t perfect either.” And then she hugged me even tighter. I realized that we both needed this reunion badly. We had spent too much time apart and it was the perfect time to see each other again. It’s almost like we have a twintuition. I can’t explain the feeling I had two weeks ago as I was fiddling with my hair and thinking about Colleen. I just knew I had to buy a plane ticket and see her. It’s like we sense when something is wrong. SOULMATE.

We eventually found a bathroom to clean our snotty, red faces and continued our night with some dancing. I don’t think we got home until about 5am.

Some other memorable points I’d like to bring up:

  • Meghan is awesome in person and if any blogger has an opportunity to meet another blogger, I highly recommend it, no matter how nervous you may be.
  • Meghan and I determined we may have scared Paul and Chris with our bombarding Twitter messages and we apologize profusely.
  • American Airlines is awful. Don’t fly with them.
  • Colleen apparently describes me as the roommate who turns off The Notebook right before they die because my heart can’t handle it.

Here are some more photos to showcase this past weekend:

image110 image111 image25




12 thoughts on “What is Happening?: DC and other tales

  1. I am so happy to hear you had such a lovely weekend in DC (despite the rain Saturday–I got caught and drenched in it without any rain gear, unfortunately). Looks like you had a fantastic time despite the weather, though. 🙂

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  2. It sounds like you had an amazing time! And I’m totally jealous! I’ve had a number of blogging friends over the years and I’ve never met a single one of them. If I could throw a party and had unlimited funds, I’d invite all of you guys and foot the bill for the airfare. It would totally be worth it… if I had the unlimited funds…

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