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A-Z Thoughts: Part 1

I’ve seen so many bloggers write posts about the thoughts that have crossed their mind that day that I decided to tag along for the ride. Here are my list of thoughts from today from A-Z:

Ashlee Simpson – I recently downloaded her 2004 album Autobiography, and I’m proud to say I still remember all of the words to every single song. “La la” is disturbingly dirty and I’m glad my little 13 year old ears didn’t understand a word of it.

Books – I’m falling behind on my reading challenge because I have not been in the reading groove like I usually am. I’m hoping my seven hour plane ride this weekend will change all of that.

Chores – I’ve had a lot to do this week to prepare for my vacation and I’ve done none of it. I’ve basically done everything else EXCEPT my chores such as watch movies like A Cinderella Story, Mean Girls, and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days. Lots of throwbacks here.

Debate – I just read Paul’s debate post and I’m currently on a laughing high this early in the morning. His debate posts are better than the actual debates.

Earthquake – I’m a little bummed I never truly felt one of these babies while living in California. The state supposedly has an earthquake every ten minutes.

Flu Shot – It’s that time of year when everyone is trying to convince me to get the flu shot but I’m declining the offer. The only year I’ve ever gotten the shot, I ended up with the flu and fainted in the shower.

Ghostland – My current read by Colin Dickey about America’s “ghosts” and “legends” since we seem to have so many.

His Face – Very excited that my acrylic painting “His Face” has been sold to a happy buyer!

Internet Crushes – I’ve seen this term thrown around quite a bit without fully understanding the meaning. Now that I do, I realized I most definitely have an Internet crush on at least a dozen people. It’s apparently normal.

Johnny Gosch – There’s a Netflix documentary called Who Took Johnny? and it’s rather creepy. 12 year old Johnny went missing and then nearly fifteen years later, his mother claimed he showed up at her apartment with some strange man she’d never seen before and they talked for about an hour and a half, and then he disappeared again. CREEPY.

Knuckle Sandwich – I’m guessing kids don’t say “knuckle sandwich” anymore. When did that term die? I want to bring it back.

Latte – I went out of my way to get a latte this morning and it tastes like poo.

Matthew McConaughey – I’m not understanding the appeal of him. I’ve never found him attractive like every other woman on the planet. He has a nice face and a body like a Greek God, but everything else about him I despise. He’s always chewing with his mouth open! His accent is annoying, and another thing about his accent is that it never changes no matter what movie he is in. His character is supposedly from Staten Island in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and his entire family has a southern accent. WHY? Oh yeah, because he’s not that great of an actor and probably can’t alter the way he talks to match his character.

Nail Salon – I just got my nails done for the first time in months yesterday so yes, my cuticles have been ripped to shreds.

Ophelia – Constantly have this Lumineer’s song stuck in my head. I’m not complaining.

Pumpkin carving – I never got to do it this year and I’m sad about it. I thought my pumpkin last year was pretty clever.


Q Tips – I have a weird obsession with Q-Tips and I ran out for a little while and was in total disarray. I should be on an episode of My Strange Addiction.

Register – I’m avoiding registering for just about anything. I’m two months overdue on my car, and I haven’t registered to vote and the election is in a few weeks. But who am I kidding? I was planning on staying at my desk reading your wonderful blog posts than go to the town hall to vote.

Soft claws – My friend is going to be watching Mumford while I’m away and she asked to put soft claws on him because she has a small dog with one eye. It basically just looks like his nails are painted. I tried holding him down last night with the glue and plastic claws and he kept flicking his paw away from me like the jerk he is. It didn’t work. I know what my plans are after work.

Thanksgiving – I wonder what insults and suppressed thoughts will surface during this holiday like they did on Columbus Day.

U2 – I’m still a bit peeved that U2 gave everyone in the world their album for free on our iTunes account because they are still popping up on my playlist while on shuffle. I realize that I can probably just delete the songs but I keep forgetting about it.

Versailles – I love this palace so much that I’ve watched many documentaries on the History Channel while sipping on a glass of wine. And I get to see it in a week. I can’t breathe.

Whole Wheat – Is it actually better for you, or are we just kidding ourselves? I order whole wheat all the time thinking it’s better for me when I’ve heard differently. I’m about an entire pizza away from not caring anymore.

Xerox – I once had a job strictly based around making copies and sending faxes. Post grad life has been really awesome.

Yoga – Every person I’ve talked to has said yoga changed their lives. Therefore, I’m starting classes in a couple of weeks. I’m hoping to get my flexibility back.

Zenon – What ever happened to the girl who played Zenon? And who else thought her catchphrase consisted of the word “penis”?anigif_sub-buzz-21349-1464371468-4


19 thoughts on “A-Z Thoughts: Part 1

  1. Wow! You mentioned me!

    Flu shots are a scam.

    I have to look up this Johnny G. person now.

    Matty McLonglastname is overrated. I don’t like his car commercial.

    I finally deleted the U2 album off my phone. Couldn’t take it anymore.

    Ew, whole wheat.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice work! I tried an alphabetic poem once and when I got to J and K, I was like, screw it. I’ve gotten a flu shot only once in the past 18 years and it gave me the flu–never again. Congrats on selling another painting. Long live the Knuckle Sandwich. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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