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I Don’t Like the Term Yolo, So I’m Gonna Go with Solo

I’ve been trying to wrap my brain over the last few days as to what I used to do before my relationship. And then I realized, I’ve never been alone. And I mean, alone alone. Even before Mr. Jess, I was focusing on getting out of California, and then I lived with my mom for a short period of time. Someone has always been there. And this past week, I’ve been feeling like this:


I officially do not know anyone in the state of Connecticut other than co-workers, and they live in New York. So each night, I’ve come home from work and twiddled my thumbs, thinking about how to pass the time before bed.

Luckily, the group chat with Paul, Chris and Meghan has kept me sane. As soon as I receive a message from any of them, I instantly feel better and cheerful. I also tend to have nightly Snapchat dates with Meghan by playing with filters and sending videos telling each other what’s happening. We could just FaceTime, but what’s the fun in that? I have wonderful friends who entertain me through text and I’m doing my best to fill my weekends up with adventure so that I don’t end up in the corner of my apartment eating my hair by Sunday evening.

I got a good dose of how dangerous it is to be alone all of the time without a solid head on my shoulders. Yesterday I had an eye exam at the mall. The eye exam took a whole ten minutes to complete and then my lonesome self was released into the wilderness of the mall. Very bad idea.

I remembered that I ran out of body wash. So I decided to stop inside Bath & Body Works and found a holiday Sugar Plum wash that smells just delightful. Then I saw Victoria’s Secret across the way and remembered I needed to update some under garments.

Let’s just halt right there for a second because I can’t be the only one who does this:

You walk in to search for bras or whatever the hell it is you’re looking for. An attendant comes up and asks if you need any help. Only it happens at least 5 times while you’re in the store. So you keep nodding your head “No, thanks” with a slight annoyance because you are so confident that you can find your own damn bra yourself, only to find out months, maybe even years later, that you’ve been wearing the wrong size bra. Stubbornness at its finest.

Anyways, $50 later and I stumbled across a Sephora. I looked at the time and it was only 6:15.


I strolled in and started playing with the samples of makeup. I found Bare Minerals, which I forgot how amazing the product is, a bronzer, some eye shadow and blush, and I was having a ball. I walked in looking like Charlize Theron in Monster, and came out looking like Natalie Portman. I contoured the shit out of my face.

$70 in Sephora later and I was home.


Needless to say, this cannot turn into a habit of mine. I’m going to need to find other things to occupy my time. For instance, this evening, on a raging Friday night, I will be home doing laundry, cleaning, and probably watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s for the second time this week.


Who wants to chat with me?



22 thoughts on “I Don’t Like the Term Yolo, So I’m Gonna Go with Solo

      • I’m so good at defaulting to being by myself that I actually have to push myself to be social. It’s become a bit of a problem in DC because even though I love living here, I don’t really have any friends. Have you ever used the MeetUp app? It’s GREAT for meeting new people with similar interests. I recommend it if you’re in a lonely place right now.

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  1. This is where I admit to actually liking going shopping on my own, because it’s one of the few times I get time to myself. I’ve totally done the “wander into a store to get one thing, and come out broke” thing too.

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  2. LOL I love this! I spend my Friday nights pretty much the same way. & my Saturdays. & Sunays…. Have you seen Me Before You? It was my movie of choice this weekend. It’s a tear jerker, but I could watch it over, & over. Maybe you can check it out before you resort to eating your hair. .xo.

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    • LOL Thank you! I have seen Me Before You! I read the book as well. I definitely did my best to keep the tears from flowing. I luckily have not found myself in the corner eating my hair…yet. I’ve been trying to meet my Goodreads Reading Challenge but unfortunately, I still need to finish four books by the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

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