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101 Things That Make Me Happy

1.) The weeks leading up to fall, and I wake up to a foggy morning.

2.) When my cat follows me around everywhere.

3.) Losing myself in my thoughts while driving.

4.) Long drives

5.) When someone tickles me, no matter how ticklish I am.

6.) The way a dog wags its tail when they look at me.

7.) Strawberries

8.) My Nana’s pet names for me: “Sweetie”, “Schnookums”, and “Slut”

9.) The way my family members name off every child before eventually figuring out my name.

10.) Bar stools – they are the perfect place to talk.

11.) Cheesy Fries

12.) Graphic T’s

13.) Twitter group chats

14.) When my nephew asks me to read him a bedtime story.

15.) Painting

16.) Cider doughnuts

17.) Smelling books

18.) Gossiping with my hair dresser

19.) When my cat sucks on my finger

20.) Bread

21.) Italian food

22.) Holding hands

23.) Tree branches

24.) Buttercup flowers

25.) Reading

26.) Spooning

27.) Long walks, alone

28.) Watching previews at the movies

29.) Dumping M&M’s into my popcorn

30.) Croissants

31.) Body pillows

32.) Swimming pools

33.) Waking up to birds chirping, knowing spring is approaching.

34.) Sleeping in

35.) The smell of coffee

36.) Going out to breakfast

37.) Staying in and watching movies with my mom

38.) The way penguins run

39.) Rolls on a bulldog

40.) The Starbucks “You Are Here” Collection

41.) Singing “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway

42.) Pulling apart and reorganizing my book shelf

43.) When someone laughs at my jokes

44.) Dancing

45.) Slipping under the covers right before bed

46.) Baking

47.) Feeling a baby kick inside a pregnant belly

48.) A hot shower

49.) Thinking about when I was a kid and helped my Grampy peel corn for dinner.

50.) Melted Nutella

51.) Fireplaces

52.) Hot Cocoa during a snow storm

53.) Christmas lights

54.) Music

55.) Quilts

56.) When someone whispers in my ear

57.) Shopping for presents

58.) Sun bathing

59.) Hearing a baby laugh

60.) Cherry Blossoms

61.) Putting on makeup

62.) Train rides

63.) Purring cats

64.) The sound of waves crashing

65.) Feeling the warmth of a coffee mug

66.) New pens

67.) When my sisters and I start singing and dancing to Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper

68.) When my friend Colleen sings karaoke

69.) Going through old boxes of memories

70.) Cooking dinner for myself

71.) Singing in the shower

72.) Getting in a cleaning mode

73.) Sniffing candles

74.) Browsing through bookstores

75.) Receiving handmade cards from my five-year-old niece

76.) Vintage stores

77.) Passing by the fields of windmills in Texas and Oklahoma

78.) Watching the kiss cam in arenas

79.) Making s’mores

80.) Socks

81.) Pancakes – preferably chocolate chip pancakes

82.) Lounging in my towel twenty minutes after I’ve showered

83.) Funky sunglasses

84.) Dusting

85.) Listening to Grampy tell riddled jokes

86.) The way my mom’s cats talk to me

87.) Chinese food

88.) Church bells

89.) Horseback riding

90.) Playing with goats

91.) Bathrobes

92.) Flash mobs

93.) Shooting stars

94.) Are you ever up so late at night, and it’s dead quiet outside, but you still hear this weird humming noise in the distance? It must be the highway, but you’re never sure. I love that sound.

95.) Summer dresses

96.) When I overhear guys talking sports

97.) Waking up to drool on my pillow

98.) Postcards

99.) Scarves

100.) When my aunt’s dog jumps into the pool

101.) Making lists

Please share some happy things with me 🙂


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