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A Letter to Santa

Paul yelled at me. He demanded that I write a letter to Santa from the POV of when I was little. You don’t believe me? Take a look at the comments. He was definitely yelling.

So I am here to share a letter I wrote to Santa from the POV of when I was seven. Enjoy.



Dear Santa,

My biggest question is: how on earth do you fly to every child’s house in one night? It seems impossible. It has to be magic. Does Mrs. Claus help you? I don’t know much about her, so I’d like to learn more. Rudolph must be exhausted after the long trip. I’ve left extra carrots just in case.

I’m seven years old and for Christmas I’d really like some more Barbie’s. But don’t tell my sisters. They keep french braiding their hair behind my back and then it gets all crimpy. It really bothers me.

I’d also really like an American Girl Doll, Samantha specifically. I like her dark hair and bangs. My mom says they are too expensive.

I’m told that you won’t come if you know I’m awake so I’m going to bed now. Don’t mind my dog, Jasmine. She’s friendly. I’m sure she’d like a bone for Christmas.

Love always,



14 thoughts on “A Letter to Santa

  1. Okay I’m over it. I like how you got whiteout involved haha. I also realize your handwriting is better than mine – one of my friends called it crap. I left Rudolph carrots too, he probably got sick of them by the 6th house. And Barbie’s hair was able to be braided? I always thought it was stiff hair that just sat there until it fell out.
    I’ll reblog this.

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    • Yeah I accidentally wrote brownies instead of Barbie’s haha and I don’t know how my sisters managed to braid the hair but they did. And they knew it bothered me, which made it even more satisfying for them.

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  2. Reblogged this on The Captain's Speech and commented:
    Well, knock me over and call me a little kid that you didn’t see. Two reblogs in one day? I’ve gone soft.

    I wrote a letter to Santa the other day and challenged my followers to do the same. Jess was the first one to do it because she claimed I yelled at her (I DIDN’T), so as a result, she gets the reward of a reblog and coupons.

    Read it.


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