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Song Roulette

Paul wrote a post last week playing song roulette. He placed his music on shuffle and wrote out the first thoughts that came to mind when the song came on and then he asked his readers to play along with the game. This was his subtle way of trying to find more music to listen to but he wouldn’t say it specifically. I believe I started a post similar to this a couple of years ago but I don’t know what happened to it. Maybe my dog ate it. Anyways, I came in second (I think) as his honorary best friend for the day but who are we kidding? I already consider myself a best friend.

So here I am playing the game. I honestly have never watched any of these videos so I have no clue what you’re in for. Good luck.

1.) When Did Your Heart Go Missing? – Rooney

This catchy song makes me happy. I think I first heard it on Gossip Girl my junior or senior year of high school, which automatically brings me back to the college application process.

2.) Your Bones – Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men is one of my favorite bands. There is something very natural and beautiful about their voices that brings a chill to my spine. I got really into them last summer, so I instantly think of the humidity of Connecticut and my morning commute to work through Southport and Westport.

3.) Unforgetful You – Jars of Clay

I first heard this song a million years ago, circa 2003, when I was about 12 or 13. I re-downloaded the song back in the fall of 2015 around the time of my Chicago Marathon, and as a treat, I went to Big Bear Lake the following weekend to relax. I listened to this song on repeat during the drive up.

4.) Stubborn Love – The Lumineers

This song makes me melancholy. It reminds me of my hometown in New Hampshire. Small, quaint, and quiet. I started listening to this song almost three years ago when I had to visit my hometown again to attend a wake for a boy I went to high school with. His suicide really shocked me, and even though we weren’t very close, he was always very kind and sweet towards me whenever we were together.

5.) Dirty Water – The Standells

Boston, Boston, Boston. You walk anywhere in Boston, it’s guaranteed you will hear this song at least once.

6.) In The Waiting Line – Zero 7

Garden State.

7.) I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash

I remember going to my grandparents house and sitting on my Grampy’s lap as he taught me how to play poker with the rest of the adults. They always had some kind of old country music playing in the background like Hank Williams.

8.) Tree Hugger – Kimya Dawson & Antsy Pants

This is a very bizarre song but once you reach the end, you’re like, “Okay…I get the message.” It’s from the Juno soundtrack.

9.) Mercy – Duffy

I don’t actually think of anything in particular when I hear this song but it makes me want to put some heels on and strut down the street.

10.) Girls Chase Boys – Ingrid Michaelson

I listened to this song quite a bit during my drive cross country when I moved to California.

11.) Surrender – Ashlee Simpson

I recently downloaded her Autobiography album because I was once obsessed it with when I was in middle school. I listened to her whole album on repeat when me, my mom, stepdad, and stepbrother went on a family vacation one summer to visit Kentucky and West Virginia.

12.) Mary Jane’s Last Dance – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Senior year of high school, I started reading the Twilight series. I would listen to this song while reading it.

13.) Coat of Many Colors – Dolly Parton

I seem to have quite a few oldies here so far. My parents used to live in Southern Texas. Anything by George Strait, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, etc., I think of Texas and their bluebonnets.

14.) That’s What You Get – Paramore

I’m a huge Paramore fan. I almost went to a concert once but then my cat broke his leg and I had to look after him. I was real bitter about it.

15.) Blank Space – Taylor Swift

Eh, Taylor Swift is one of those artists I really, really, really don’t like, yet I always find myself downloading her latest song. I have more of her songs than I care to admit. It’s like heroin – you try to stay away from it, but you keep coming back for more (I wouldn’t actually know…I’ve never done heroin. I don’t even know what it looks like). But, I was happy to hear that I’m not the only one who hears “Starbucks lovers” in her lyrics.

16.) American Girl – Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

I made myself laugh with this one. Who here remembers the Disney Channel movie My Date with the President’s Daughter?

17.) Into the Sea – Aidan Hawken

I heard this song in a movie I watched on Netflix, Before You Go. It’s one of those unknown movies that was never in theaters but it’s actually really amazing and I loved it. I suggest you put it on your To-Watch list.

18.) Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield

This song brings me back to my middle school days.

19.) Pieces of You – Jewel

Any Jewel song, I think of my mom and my sisters. We know all of her songs backwards and forwards.

20.) Stay the Night – Zedd

Great song to jog to.

21.) 1234 – Feist

I used to listen to this song during my long study sessions in college at the library.

22.) 23 – Jimmy Eat World

This song makes me want to bid farewell. Every year at my old dance studio, at the year end recital, the girls graduating high school/college would do a little group performance together at the end of the show. Each senior had their own solo piece they performed in the recital, so the group senior performance always made friends and parents tear up. My dance teacher would recite a little blurb for each dancer as a way of saying goodbye. Now, they didn’t use this song as THE song, but rehearsal in the auditorium was almost a two week affair, and I was expected to be there for hours at a time nearly everyday to rehearse my routines with my classes. There were moments of down time, so I would sometimes sit in the audience and watch my friends perform their routines and cheer them on. At times, I’d have my headphones in and this song would come up. Sometimes the routines they were performing matched the beat to this song.

^ That was a long winded explanation.

23.) Does Anybody Hear Her – Casting Crowns

Weird…I did a duet dance to this song with my friend Bridget.

24.) California – Tupac

I, of course, blasted this song as soon as I entered Los Angeles. Duh.

25.) Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

I think it’s pretty clear I don’t listen to the radio often. I got this song from 500 Days of Summer. I get most of my songs from movies.

26.) So Yesterday – Hilary Duff

Talk about a throwback.

27.) Believe – Mumford and Sons

I went to their concert over the summer and this was the first time I heard this song. Brilliant, as always.

28.) No Church in the Wild – Kanye West & Jay-Z

The Great Gatsby. I was surprised that I wasn’t wigged out by the soundtrack to the movie given that most of the songs were modern and didn’t matched to that period of time. But somehow, it was fitting.

29.) The Chain – Fleetwood Mac

I used to listen to this song to stretch and warm up before ballet classes in college. I’ve always wanted to choreograph a dance to this.

30.) Ain’t It Fun – Paramore

To answer Hayley Williams, no. It’s not fun.


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  2. I’m glad I found this! Our music tastes are p similar so this gives me a lot more things to listen to. Idk what it is about jimmy eat world but their songs always make me feel nostalgic (especially their song “always be”).

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